Abundance And How To Create More As You Share It

Recently I returned home from a visit which was full of joy and abundance with family in London. I was really happy that I had taken time out to share a few special days with cousins I hadn’t seen for a while. What was even more special was that each time we reconnect it’s as if we’ve never been out of each other’s company. I’m so glad I’d primed myself beforehand for the trip and done what needed to be taken care of with my business and pets, so I could relax and enjoy myself with loved ones.

On Track With Life’s Purpose

Let me share my story and explain how abundance is waiting to be claimed by all of us.

I was so excited about my upcoming homage to see the family tribe again in London and just take pleasure in having a different experience. Also, it’s great to share news, hear the gossip, commiserate if needs be and celebrate the successes. It all adds to the experience of life and food for the soul, as well as an extension of living life by design and staying on track with life’s purpose.

Most of us during some time in our life have experienced the highs and lows and good times and times that have proved to be very challenging. It’s all part of the story of life. The DNA (The sequence of nucleotides which determines individual hereditary characteristics) of our being, however, with a little bit of forethought, planning and action anyone can take pleasure in the spiritual abundance concepts ofBE – DOHAVE.

Mind Over Matter

Powerful metaphysical systems have been crafted over the years to help us have the abundance we so rightly deserve. Quite simply put its no more than a matter of clear thinking that gives each of us our personal fill of abundance; and this is how it’s achieved.

Abundance Action Sequence

Prepare yourself to accept abundance by putting aside a few minutes every day to meditate:

  1. Clear your mind space, clear your physical space and begin..
  2. Sit in chair with a back for added support, do not lie down or slouch, you really don’t want to fall asleep because you are cosmically setting your mind to process positive and productive thoughts, not to snooze or cat nap. So by sitting upright you are in control of your body and keeping both feet on the floor place your hands in your lap, close your eyes and listen to your breath as your chest expands and rises with each in breath
  3. Follow the rhythm of your breath with your minds eye, enjoy this time, it’s totally dedicated to yourself and brings with it peace and clarity of vision
  4. As you sit, imagine yourself in a beautiful place, that might be in a garden filled with flowers, perhaps in a forest of trees, on a beach, or within the sanctuary of a building, wherever you imagine yourself to be just BE
  5. Now think about your goals in life, then turn your thinking to a set of smaller goals for today and the daily actions you need to take to achieve those daily goals, remember your smaller goals are part of your bigger bold goals
  6. Enjoy the process, revel in your thinking as its only imagination
  7. You are now at the stage of DO in the process of attaining abundance
  8. Open your heart to accepting abundance, claim abundance for today for this moment, truly believe you deserve abundance and that you are prepared, able and willing to take action today to harness your destiny
  9. It is at this stage you can HAVE your reward, anchor the feeling, stay while, not too long, only a few seconds
  10. Then when you are ready open your eyes, adjust your thoughts and body before continuing with your day. These ten steps are part of a process that guarantees your journey to experience abundance. Enjoy the process and Live Life by Design.

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