3_Steps_To_Your_Personal_Development - It’s a new day and a fresh opportunity to go and get your goals.  You know you can, especially when you’ve already put a plan in place and taken action towards your goals.  Yet those goals are just not materialising.  Why?

I Remember...

All the personal books I’ve ever read or goal setting and achievement courses I’ve participated in just didn’t seem to get me to goal.  Perhaps it’s the same for you?  There was a time when I didn’t understand what was going wrong.  Surely reading the books and taking part in the courses would have gotten me to goal, quickly and without a struggle, so what went wrong?

Books and Courses

Reading about the secrets of achieving goals and signing up on various personal development courses isn’t just enough for true success.

I learned that personal success requires a certain mindset, strategies and specific tactics.  As I said I learned the hard way and it cost me a small fortune into the bargain, as well as spending countless hours with my nose in books or listening to tapes, cassettes and later on CD’s plus doing those endless exercises were not cutting it  – grrrrrr!

A Clear Vision With A BIG Goal

At long last it dawned on me that I needed to switch from being that eternal student and only thinking about the immediate present.  I had to seriously up-level my confidence in myself and take actions to actually identify and sort out my vision by truly focusing on the bigger picture.

Step 1 To Real Personal Development

Knowing exactly what you want and removing the limited view of what you don’t want will give you the edge over your peers and is your birth right to be happy, fulfilled and able to give back to your community.  Limited beliefs can contaminate your future success, so I seriously task you to immediately get rid of those thoughts and concentrate on your uniqueness and skills-set. 

The first and best tactic is to open up your heart and positively choose to recognise your goals and step up to your BIG vision.  Simply reaffirm exactly what you want, identify your niche, explore your options and choose to go after your dream.  In short trust in yourself and seize your authority.

Step 2 Create Your Personal Development Plan

Just as in business write up a plan that is realistic to your current situation but a plan that supports you to make leaps and bounds over the following 3, 5, 10 and even 15 years.  Step-by-step this tactic will help you determine exactly what your expectations are and more importantly what you’ll give in return to have your goals turn into reality.  It’s not enough to want, you have to act diligently to achieve.

Carefully outline what you want, your purpose, your mission and the various milestones you need to reach to get to your ultimate goal(s).  This strategy will help you move forward in a concise and rewarding way and as you make progress it will continually feed your motivation levels to keep doing what needs to be done towards your success.

Remember this important fact about personal development plans; as you work on your goal attainment it’s possible that you might need to move the goal posts.  Moving goal posts is allowed.  But, what is not allowed are excuses and non-action.  Nurture your goal plan, celebrate your wins and adjust any outcomes that happen that you’d rather not experience again.  Flexibility is a valuable and product skill.

Step 3 Invest In Your Personal Development

Don’t become an eternal student who falls into the trap of not taking the knowledge you learn into the real world.  Become aware of your BIG vision and then move yourself out of your comfort zone and beyond from where you are right.  Keep aware of your ‘why’ and keep moving until you recognise you’ve surpassed your original goal and you are in a position to go catch the next day dream.










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