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I went from a struggling dis-abled single mum of three children under five to living life on my terms as a successful author and publisher. Coach to ordinary people & celebrities guiding  them to create the life of their dreams and a business they love.

When it comes to manifesting your dreams and goals what's the single most difficult challenge you are strugling with right now? 

Begin your journey to personal success today.

PaTrisha-Anne Todd - Master Coach and Trainer at

Let me show you how...

I can show you how to step into your personal power and create the life of your dreams with a business you love. Your freedom lifestyle is waiting. 


Discover the proven steps to set forward moving goals - claim my gift to you HERE

I remember there were times when life was difficult with an endless stream of problems. My confidence was at a low ebb. Confusion, uncertainly and frustration were constant companions. I had to change the status quo, and find a way to live life on my terms. Thankfully my study into personal development, metaphysics and neuro linguistic programming showed me the solution that would take me from struggle to success. 

Then the day arrived and I knew it was the right time to share the solution with other struggling folk. So, I developed a system to feed the mind with positiveness and automatically set new forward moving habits. The tool PATs, was born. A growth tool, a bridge to personal success. A mind-set training tool to shift limiting thought patterns that keep you stuck and struggling. A transformation tool to easily and swiftly move into your personal power and begin living life on your terms.

Imagineactivating your inner belief system already stored in the library of your brain and living life on your terms.Imagine - a no fluff, focused and results orientated system that can bring you the results you desire and deserve. Imagine - living life without worry as you become the person you really want to be. You can Be, Do and Have an extraordinary lifestyle - now. 

I can show you how to authentically banish negative habits of uncertainty and create the life of your dreams using the P.A.T.s.,(Positive Attitude Training system) which I created for my own use to go from struggling to successful.

P.A.T.s., is the system that gives results - instantly! and keeps on givng...

  • Life is too short, discover how to  remove obstacles that block you.  
  • Ditch uncertainty and get clear on your goals. 
  • Experience the transformation waiting for you to live life on your terms. 
  • Abundance is your birthright, claim it now.
  • Stop struggling and move into success.
  • Make an impact with your skills and talents. 
  • Win the game of life - you know you deserve to. 



Turn your dreams into reality

You are  extraordinary 

Get Paid for your Talent, Knowledge, Life Experiences, and Expertise 

Profit From Your Passion

Build A Business

  • My mission is to coach  struggling, frustrated, tired and disappointed ladies how to think outside of the box, to stir the juices of imagination to think outrageously. 
  • To stop procrastinating, and step into their  personal power right now! 
  • To adopt better forward moving habits that lay out the best route to get the results really wanted. Is this YOU?
  • You know you deserve to become the success you've always dreamed of being. 
  • To have sufficient time to do the things you really want to do with the people you love.
  • To enjoy more happiness, peace and joy in your life right now!
  • To create prosperity, financial freedom and generational wealth!  

Peggy M from the USA says: PaTrisha-Anne's book

7 Powerful Steps To Success

"this quick guide allows you to design your life and business by teaching you to choose to energetically transform what we have into something more by creating consistent forward-moving habits" 

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Coaching Leads To Success

Coaching Leads To Success