What's your target? 

Focus on your goal with PATs created by PaTrisha-Anne Todd at Coaching Leads To Success

The Mind is a wonderous vehicle

Every action has a result. The key to getting those desired results is to take the correct action every day by keeping the ultimate goal in mind, allowing you to steadily move towards where you want to go.


Results happen every day in all the areas of life, and I believe that those results are something that we can control by taking the right action in respect of getting to the goal.

By taking the right action any goal is possible because the right mindset is in place, supporting the chosen goal.


A short-term goal is one that you have no difficulty in achieving as they are habitual goals that you put in place without a lot of thought on a regular basis.

Next is the medium-term goal usually set in a six month timeframe. These goals require planning and focused action to achieve.

Finally, there are the long-term goals, those s-t-r-e-t-c-h goals. The goals of the far distant future, at least three years away as they are BIG, SCARY and BOLD. These long-term goals are the best to go after as they are the goals that depict the dreamlife you desire.

To get to the medium and long-term goals you’ll need the right mindset. t’s not difficult. In fact, it’s easy and very possible to achieve any goal when you know how to go about setting and achieving the goal. The best results can happen for anyone, including you. That’s why I want to share a simple tool you can begin using today from my ‘Living The Dream Toolkit’.


Over the years my lifestyle has changed, it’s changed for the better because of the habit of nurturing my mind with positive thoughts and actions to follow those thoughts. As a result, I’ve gone from struggling to successful.

Success is different for everyone except however, the core essence of success is the same for anyone. It’s continual forward moving progression towards a specific goal. This is the connection between your conscious and sub-conscious mind.

This diligent forward moving action has taken me on a marvellous journey of discovery as I moved in the right direction to achieve each goal.


I decided many years ago that I wasn’t going to settle for a mediocre lifestyle, in other words I chose not to stay in the confines of my comfort zone and committed to study personal development and take forward moving steps for the rest of my life. In fact, I fell in love with the idea of living an extraordinary life filled with wonderous ideas. I began by ‘seeing’ my future as I wanted it to be. My intuition was telling me something. I figured out from my studies that the only way to change my life was to fine tune my mental faculties and intentionally act as if my dreamlife was already here. I needed to use my will to imagine I had become the person I wished to be. I had to connect to my ‘vision’.


I did this by creating a Vision Board. A simple tool to feed my core belief. I want to be clear I’m not suggesting my journey is the same as yours and by creating a vision board all my goals materialised. NO, what I am saying is that even though I’m different from you, unique and my circumstances and goals are not the same as yours, a vision board was the tool that kept me motivated to take action.

You see, the journey, the flow, the discovery, and goals change. The study of personal development and a vision board  builds a PMA – positive mental attitude.


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