Life Coaching Skills and Tools

Life Coaching skills and specific tools are what you learn to use with coaching clients as you deliver the coaching session so you can help people harness their inner core belief system that leads to awareness of what is really wanted and create heightened levels of motivation along with laser focus to take consistence action to achieve the dreams and goals desired - all of this as you build your life coaching business.

Coaching skills can be learned alongside the tools that allow ease and speed in achieving those dreams and goals. When you discover how to coach professionally, you'll become a great coach and earn the level of income you desire. Nothing can stop you when you have a vision to be, a plan of action to do, and the steps to take you there.

Your Big Scary Goal

Professional life coaching is in itself a skill mainly because coaching is a craft and not about giving advice, therapy, consulting, guiding in the sense of being a tourist guide, or how a person would get a particular job done, its for profound personal growth. Even learning to play a sport such as tennis, or to master the mechanics of driving a car are not the same style as 'life coaching'. Life coaching is focused on living a lifestyle by choice and designing that lifestyle for happiness, health, personal achievement, time, and financial freedom - in fact doing what you desire, and that is living the dream!

There are specific life coaching kills and tools that will support professional coaching that helps the client implement new ideas towards the better vision, to create habits and forward moving action towards the big scary goal.

The skill of professional life coaching is accessed by deploying a tool that step-by-step busts unconscious negative thought patterns and replaces them with positive forward moving thoughts and new patterns so the person moves forward from their current situation to an envisioned and desired outcome. In other words, it's all about developing new ideas that allow you to develop self-growth, strategies and tactics to establish balance, harmony, and motivation towards increasing personal potential and keep moving towards a set goal, including a BIG, SCARY GOAL.

Now personal success doesn't come just like that, many of you like me know that for a fact, right! In fact, the achievement of any goal takes consistent action and review in order to achieve that goal. A BIG, SCARY GOAL, a B-S-G even more so, as it’s the type of goal you think about, want, wonder if it’s possible and sometimes just forget about it when doubt creeps in.

I mean take the idea of someone who wants to drop weight, perhaps a few pounds or maybe a considerable number. Whatever the end goal the first part of achieving that outcome is to have clarity of why anyone would want to drop some weight. Then there is the question of understanding the differences between real internal goals and the external kind that actually belong to other people!

Let me explain. Weight loss, learning to drive a change of job, perhaps writing a book, or starting a business – any goal that at first seems wonderful and then as doubt of how to achieve it creeps in, or if the people in your circle would approve of you going after such a goal and often those remarks cloud you mind and lessens your motivation. All goals, including those tiny doable ones to the level of B-S-G are possible to manifest into your world with professional life coaching.

Professional Life Coaching skills and tools

Professional Life Coaching skills and the correct tools will help you become a great coach ensuring both you and your clients enjoy so much more, as you profit from your efforts with ease and speed!

As a life coach with the right skills and clear thinking that automatically comes when using the 6SCM countless opportunities will come your way with many doors opening to you.

Steadily as you hone your skills and build your business you can help clients see and achieve their goals and, just like you they too can begin 'living the dream'.

Your life coaching skills (using the 6 Step Coaching Model) will become the lifeblood of your career as you begin to use this tool everyday going forward. Each set of skills will lead you forward with grace, ease, and speed coaching clients and build a solid life coaching business, or health and wellness coaching, business coaching even Kingdom coaching you love that in turn gives you the harmony and balanced lifestyle you desire with time freedom and financial security.

Waiting for you the book - 6 Step Coaching Model used by coaches worldwide.

Use the 6 step Coaching Model for all areas of your life, the model will help you to release your fullest potential in your relationships both personal with family, friends, and romantic situations, and of course business relationships. You can organise your health needs, to ensure you have adequate daily exercise and eat a nutritional diet along with practicing mindfulness and gratitude using the 6 Step Coaching Model. Business dreams and goals can be set and actioned with the 6SCM. Finances are easy to manage when you know the correct budget and income producing strategies in place - the 6 StepCoaching Model is your tool to possibility, probability, and predictability.

Life Coaching Skills and Tools 

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