Eliminate fear. The only way to eliminate fear and gain time and money freedom is to set quality boundaries.

I want to share with you a recent situation that knocked me for six. It happened during the first quarter of last year, in 2023. All was as it should be in my world and life was good. Then ‘it’ happened, cancer overtook me, my health and my life were shut down, or so I thought at the time. It was a period of high negative emotional feelings as if I’d hit a wall that just wouldn’t budge, no matter how I tried to think positively about the diagnosis and regain responsibility for my life something was holding me back and pushing me further into a negative frame. I guess it happens to the best of us from time to time, someone rocks the boat, or something happens, in my case the cancer diagnosis and life became an emotional rollercoaster filled with thoughts of disappointment of not having achieved all those wonderful dreams, of me letting my loved ones down, of feeling scared about the future and unexpected loss of happy thoughts for no apparent reason. It’s a psychological human experience. Thankfully as I write this article I’m back on track and health, mind and soul are in control!


Clients have often asked me “why is this happening to me?” and they go on to tell me about their circumstances that their finances are at zero, their confidence levels are down in the pits, health is a challenge, and they feel stuck and how life just sucks! I recognise how it feels as I just mentioned I was there not so long ago.

It can be a real conundrum for those who don’t understand how the principles of having a positive mental attitude, can and does change lives, for the better. Thankfully my life long personal development study and NLP training kicked in reminding me that ‘this too will pass’ and dip back into my training to re-discover my road map from when I began living life by design.

Okay, that’s easier said than done especially when you are at rock bottom. How do you get your hands on the road map that will move you forward to a happier lifestyle and bring you to your goals? The answer is to learn all about how you tick, that’s right, it’s all about you and of tapping into your core belief system so you can ‘see’ your vision, to know what it is and gauge the level of your skills-set and access the confidence to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your comfort zone. After all, if you don’t s-t-r-e-t-c-h your comfort zone not only will you stay stuck it will ruin your desire to achieve the pleasure of living the dream.


Truth be told when you are willing to own a positive attitude, to change what and how you do certain things in your life, to begin thinking as if you are the person you wish to become, then I know that circumstances will change and moment by moment it’s possible to live life by design.

Living life by design is something many of us secretly dream of. It’s like a magnetic pull to make quality forward moving decisions and experience an easy life filled with wonderful relationships, sufficient money to pay for the things that make life comfortable and the time to enjoy creating memories with family and friends. No major health challenges, in fact an all round life and work balance. But by golly it can be difficult to achieve that wonderful state of ‘living the dream’.


Over the years I’ve reminded my clients that they can do whatever they want. Is that what you are also looking for to find a way to uncover the key to integrating your work and personal life so you can live life by your design? In fact, to find a way to achieve harmony in your professional and personal life without compromising your health and business success.

Just imagine this if you would for a moment to waking up each morning feeling excited to embrace the day ahead, knowing you’re on a path to not just financial freedom but recouping time as you capture your dreams to live a remarkable life by design. Perhaps you’ve already enjoyed that feeling, but recently things have changed due to being in an emotive state, a victim of circumstance in a never ending cycle of work, no time and financial worry.


Here's the thought and pro tip for the week ahead – set boundaries. It’s a game changer. Do this and you’ll find your world expanding. This happens from the inside out. Your mind will begin to understand the concept of quality decision making, this is part of setting boundaries. You will see and envision how you run your life and why you do the things you do. Slowly but surely, you will have insights and recognise the strategic thinking behind this concept to nourish and align your thoughts towards your true vision, you’ll re-invest your thinking in the study of personal development, you’ll leverage your assets including time to work and play, to formulate financial budgets for your money, design wellness routines into your daily schedule and leverage the skills and talents you currently have. You will in the process give yourself an emotional boost, empower yourself for growth and set yourself free from the daily grind and eliminate those feelings of being trapped and stop wondering how to break the chains that seemingly holding you in a cage. All of this will happen as you learn the art of setting quality boundaries and integrate what you have now towards living life by design.

Celebrate each and every victory, the small ones and larger outcomes, don’t forget this time around to learn from every setback. Embrace the adventure of life and step firmly into your future. It’s important to trust the process of setting quality boundaries.


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