Being hit by a car - the best thing that could happen to me!

by Christopher Stribblehill
(Angmering, West Sussex, UK)

Coach and Master LCSi Coach Living Life by Design

Coach and Master LCSi Coach Living Life by Design

Christopher shares a story that really gets you thinking... enjoy.

I am wondering what you are thinking when you read the title for this article.

Are you thinking, Did this guy get hit on the head? How about he must be mad – how can being hit by a car be the best thing that could happen to anyone? Was this guy actually damaged? Well let me answer these three possible questions for you.
Yes I bumped my head and the Doctors assure me that no long term damage was done. Yes Mad has been used to describe me affectionately, I prefer the term “a love of life”.
Yes I was damaged and have a constant daily reminder which I chose to use as an opportunity to be thankful.

So here it is. On the last Friday in November I was crossing the road to my home. I had just a great coaching conversation and was in a positive state. As I was three steps away from safety, I was hit by a car sustaining ligament damage to my left knee, flipping me onto the road. This also resulted in the aggravation of a recently healed back challenge.

Can you imagine how I felt at that time? I was shocked and in a lot of pain. After the resulting trip to hospital, I realised I had two choices. I could chose to allow the negative aspect of the situation to engulf me or I could chose to chose to use this as a positive. So I made that choice and from then on my life kept getting better and better.

After having a week with no appointments, I arranged sessions with my own coach and I then started to fully live my life by design.

When I chose to fully live life by design, I stretched my comfort zone and it , like my life is unrecognisable since the accident. I have written articles, made new friends, invested in my own healing, got more clients and enjoyed my life on every single level with a greater appreciation and gratitude. I have taken so many actions spurred on by Living Life by Design principles that have really enriched my life.

What will you chose?

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Aug 27, 2014
Life by Design
by: PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Well done Christopher, so good to read you have chosen to live your life by your design. Thanks for sharing your story.

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