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The lifestyle by design filled with abundance, time freedom and happiness that you've been 'thinking' about is waiting for you. 

PaTrisha-Anne creator and author of the Life and Business by Design will show you how to tap into your core belief system and align your passions so you can easily and quickly turn your dreams into a reality. 


"Anything is possible when you know how" PaTrisha-Anne 

My journey began as a young woman when I needed to know how to build a lifestlye and business by MY design. I had to find a way to stop struggling. I strated studying NLP (neuro linguistic programming), metaphysics, the Laws of the Universe and personal development. Then I took what I learned got to work and created a system I could use daily to become my best self... that system is the PATs growth tool.

Today I share that tool with my clients around the world from all walks of life but with one thing in common - they want to change their status quo and are ready to dive into the support system I have designed as they embark upon their growth journey. The PATs growth tool, is a growth tool that helps you become aware of what you want and how to open the floodgates of opportunity and bring about massive change in your status quo into the transformation you desire.

Step Up To The Goal

Oftentimes I have clients tell me that they feel totally stressed with 'work'. Their frustration level is high and blocking them capturing their goals.

  • I can identify with that feeling of trying but then just missing out and not getting the results wanted.  
  • I know what it feels like to struggle.

I knew I had to find a way that worked for me to succeed, and I did. 

  • l developed a system to help me get clear on my goals and find solutions to achieve them.

That system is PATs growth tool, and I'm delighted to share the PATs growth tool with you.

A System That Works

We all know that anything worth having takes time. Thankfully with the right system in place the results can be astounding, instant and on-going to become your own dream catcher.

However, it's imortant to know what it is you want, right?

To know what you want you need to tap into your core belief system and ask yourself the right questions, and then, from those answers a simple yet powerful plan of action will evolve. The answers will appear as if by magic.

So what are those all important questions?

There are critical factors that make up the whole process. I share them within The Dream Catcher and of course my books and specific trainings.

Knowing what you want is one of those critical factors. It's a BIG factor because of the intensity of the questions. Also negative thoughts can sneak into the process while you pinpoint what you want.  Those nasty negative thoughts sabotage your intentions.


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