My Working-Life-Coach As A Professional Life Coach

There are a couple of things I need to ask you before I begin to share my working life as a professional life coach.



Right oh, while you are thinking about your responses I’ll continue and write this blog post.

For me to answer those two questions is a resounding YES. I’m currently working with a coach who helps me get clear on my personal dreams and aspirations, as well as steadily work on my business to ensure I’m turning those dreams into a reality. In fact, since I first discovered the concept of life coaching back in the late 1970’s I have consistently worked with a coach and taken up life coaching as a career.

You see life coaching is so much more than just talking over what it would be like to achieve a certain goal or set of goals. Life coaching is about using a specific structure for personal growth, total awareness of self and busting those limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive forward moving actions to get the desired results.

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First, of all, the craft of life coaching is about understanding and feeding the conscious mind to deal with both the physical and emotional side of habitual behaviour. In other words, it’s about having the right mindset to take the required transformational action to adopt winning habits to turn dreams into a reality. Life coaching is not about hearing from someone who thinks they have the answer to one’s individual challenge. Notice my verbage – it’s not about a problem, it’s about a challenge!

Life coaching is a personal development tool

A system that when used correctly will not only s…t…r…e…t…c…h the imagination but positively motivate and build structure and confidence to go and get those dreams in any area of life from meaningful relationships to a successful career as an employee or business owner, to health optimisation and wealth building. Anything is possible when the mindset is set correctly and focused action taken.

I have mentioned already that life coaching is a personal development tool. It’s a valuable skillset that produces positive results, but like all things of value it requires care, attention to detail, application and tracking. When those criteria are in place the potential in people is huge.

Working as a life coach is not for everyone as it demands staying at process by asking quality questions and taking the right course of action first for yourself and then using the tools of life coaching to help clients evaluate their own lifestyles and accordingly adopt new forward moving habits to achieve their desired outcomes.

Over the years I’ve experienced set backs with health and career, but thankfully by adopting the concept of life coaching I’ve gotten through those challenges and risen like a Phoenix to meet another day and live life by my design.

My professional working life as a coach and mentor began decades ago. I began coaching one-to-one then offered live trainings to become life coaches. It was a worthwhile fun filled experience.

There have been a handful of clients who were un-coachable. I’ve since learned how to choose the ideal client who knows, trusts and likes what I have to offer. Those ideal clients have achieved their goals and gone on to create more of what they wanted.

Now it’s time for me to embrace the modern world of technology and share my knowledge with others on a different platform.

To that end I’m creating an on-line portal with a resources vault filled with books and courses and a ‘blog’ about life coaching and the power of adopting a positive mental attitude. Drop by and check out my latest offering.

“Today Is Preparation for the Next Opportunity”  

from Pepper Your Life With Dreams

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