Day 83 speaks to the fabulous outcome of transformation. 

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd - Master Coach and Trainer at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comTransformation is possible with the PATs tool

Transformation is something that happens when the person concerned is ready to step up and make changes to the way they are currently living. That’s what happened to me. I decided I’d had enough of the life I was living and was ready for positive change.

Let me tell you what I mean.

Back in the early 1980’s life was beginning to become a little scary. Scary in the sense that my previous lifestyle before marriage and children was super fantastic. My work life balance was spot on. Then something happened and I ran out of steam. I forgot to dream. Life, bills, children and health were becoming out of sync. Life became a struggle. 

Have you ever felt like that? Stuck in the middle of daily grind that just goes round in circles with pressure to meet bills and keep the family happy, safe and content. No time to create a lifestyle by design.

I remember the day the fog cleared, and I found my way back on the goal forward moving track. Within moments my goals and dreams were filling my mind with cheerful happy thoughts. Everyday responsibilities were ‘doable’ again. Life looked good.

This is what happened. I was sorting through some boxes that were stored away at the top of the house in the attic space when I came across an old vision board. I’d forgotten all about it.

Master Coach PaTrsiha-Anne Todd Coach to Coaches who envision 5, 6, 7 figures using the PATs - Positive Attitude Training system at www.CoachingLeadsToSuccess.comGoals are achieved with positive forward moving steps.

Anyway, when I opened the vision board quite literally before my very eyes I saw how my life had transpired. It was like watching a video. I ‘saw’ what I had put onto that board.  Everything on the board had become a reality, but I’d forgotten about the power of vision boards and the motivator of living from a place of having achieved the goal. I had lapsed with keeping a vision board up to date and connecting with my core belief system. I’d let go of feeding my dreams and forgotten how to manifest those dreams into reality.

Manifestation happens when specific actions are carried out which in turn produce the desired result. Basically, if you are ready to experience a transformation for the better than energy and motivation are necessary. It’s your job to release that personal power from the depths of your core belief system and consistently take positive forward moving steps to reach your goal. 


Perhaps the promotion at work didn’t happen. Or the weight you had wanted to drop didn’t disappear. Sometimes the goal asked for isn’t aligned with what you really mean!

Within the quote for Day 83 - I write.

Lack of humility to welcome and accept help from another can be detrimental to your overall outcome.”

Humility is an important trait to have when pursuing a goal, in fact it is a leadership trait and demonstrates the human side of a person. Are you showing humility in your daily actions?

The advantage of demonstrating humility confirms to the sub-conscious brain that the person seeking help is respecting themselves and their God given talents.


Master Coach PaTrisha-Anne Todd your Mentor to build a successful business and live life by design.

“If help is offered think before you decline or accept.”

Help can come to you in different guises, not necessarily in the way you might have imagined it would be given to you.

Transformation does not happen with wishing and claiming that you want something, or that you cannot have something because of certain situations blocking you from achieving that particular goal.

Positive results happen when consistent action is undertaken within the structure of a clear plan. A detailed plan. A plan that has been visualised and formulated to guarantee the desired outcome.

That plan needs to be definite and on purpose with actions that lead to the desired goal. I mean if you want to drop weight it’s not enough to say you are going on a diet and then frequently break the diet with foodstuffs you know will add weight while constantly saying you’ll begin the diet tomorrow!

In other words, without a clear vision of what you want and the best steps to achieve the goal you are purposefully capping your potential, mis-aligning your inner core beliefs and allowing yourself to sabotage your prosperous future.

You can achieve a state of transformation when you ‘see’ exactly what you want.

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