The Fabric of Life

The fabric of life is part of our core belief system, just waiting for us to make a decision to begin 'living life by design'

Thinking about a lifestyle that is different from the one you have and living the dream is something many of us think about, and dream about having a work life balance. Then there are those who believe it’s possible to achieve more, to become the person they desire and actually live their dream!

However, not everyone is convinced that living that perfect life can happen for them. For whatever reason, or maybe several reasons they dismiss going after their dream and continue to live the status quo existence ignoring the idea to be more, do more and have more.

One such person was Sharon, feeling confused and uncertain as her life spiralled out of control, especially her weight.

Sharon a lively Irish red haired health care assistant felt hemmed in due to her working routine and consequently the pounds were piling up increasing her weight and making her feel dissatisfied with life in general.

She was a single parent with a demanding job, rent  and bills to pay and a very large extended family involving family gatherings of one kind or another to celebrate a birthday, graduation, wedding. 

Strangely though she was the life and soul of the party and always had a funny story or two to tell. As far as anyone could tell she was a happy and contended lady. But what did they know, because deep inside Sharon was un-happy due to her overweight. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t shift the pounds. There was always something going on in her life that needed her time and energy to sort out. She worked long shifts at the local hospital and was always rushing there, then back again and everywhere to drop or pick up her daughter from one activity or another. 

There was always something going on. Her family social calendar was filled to the brim.

Something had to be done, she felt discontented and knew deep inside change had to happen, and quickly because with the long school summer holiday fast approaching she wanted to be able to enjoy spending time with her daughter. It was all so confusing and stressful.

Within hours of thinking and making the decision that she was ready to change the trajectory of her life an opportunity presented itself. In the staff lounge at the hospital she saw an advertisement for an online weight loss group. This was her answer, immediately she felt better, the feelings of confusion and overwhelm disappeared in a heartbeat!

She’d join the online group, follow the process to change her eating habits so her weight would drop steadily. Her brother had done just that and slimmed down to a perfect weight, even though he sat for hours most days driving his haulage truck across the country. If he could slim down, then so could she and she knew she’d feel better about everything and be able to sort out what to do next.

  • She’d join the online group
  • Follow the process to change her eating habits so her weight would drop steadily.
  • She knew she’d feel better about everything
  • And be able to sort out what to do next.

You see, opportunity does present itself as the Universe is ever seeking to expand our lifestyle and opens doors of possibility. It is up to us to recognise this and be worthy to step into our personal power and make those changes. But we don’t always do that, and for those of you who are students of personal development you understand that we won’t do so until we are ready to make the changes necessary to begin ‘living the dream’.

The fabric of life is there ready and waiting to be moulded into whatever shape we as individuals see in the mind’s eye. We know that everything is created twice, first in the mind as a thought, an idea, a desire, and then on the physical plain. So, knowing what you want in life is the first part of designing your future, the next is to create the plan that will take you there.

It’s totally possible to begin living the dream once the decision is made to do so. In fact, it’s a gift to dream to allow the imagination to envision and to choose a lifestyle by design.

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