Stop-Writing-Procrastination and step up to being a successful writer.  It's so easy once you know how to get back to the joy of writing and remembering that w can be an enjoyable occupation that you can take up any time, and for some the added bonus is the possibility to share your message with the world as you earn an income.

Today I would say is the best time to put pen to paper, or to get your fingers walking across your virtual keyboard and hit those keys.  'Free flow writing' is a technique that I’ve used throughout my writing career and one I highly recommend as it allows you to express your thoughts through the written word and feed your subconscious mind through your conscious mind. Free flow writing is for your eyes only, the words you produce are not up for criticism, editing by another or for sale.

Decide To Take Time Today To Write 

First things first so you can really 'Stop-Writing-Procrastination' you need to purposefully put yourself in the mood by being not only in a frame of mind to do the exercise and enjoy it!  But also place yourself in a comfortable environment to write, remembering that you need this time for yourself and don’t want to be interrupted by telephones or other people coming into your writing space.  This is your time, so choose to take it and enjoy the results of your free flow writing.

Go Get It Done

Just write.  The art of ‘Free Flow writing' is a great warm up exercise that many teachers share with their students to begin the writing process, I know that for a fact as I do exactly that with my writing clients.  Free flow writing is also a splendid writing procrastination breaker as it’s a writing exercise set for a short period of time, say five minutes and up to about ten minutes, even up to a thirty minutes session.   I wouldn’t opt for a longer free flow writing period than thirty minutes as that would defeat the purpose of the exercise when the author simply writes, regardless of grammar and spelling or even subject matter. 

Your Writing Gym

You might begin writing about a specific topic and progress into another or even several others.  It doesn’t matter, the point is to give your writing muscle a work out and even use the exercise as a place to collect ideas as a preliminary route to first draft writing.  Keep in mind that you'll write, that’s right, you will write complete sentences and paragraphs, not lists, 1-2-3 bullet points, but write complete words as they flow out of you, and let them flow – freely.  Write whatever comes to your mind, record it and indulge your authoring skill.

Keep writing, don’t stop, just get your words, ideas and thoughts written on paper.

Once you have this skill under your belt you could make this technique a regular part of your writing system.

So, get ready and go write, you know you want to, this is your opportunity to begin the creative process that is lurking in your brainbox.

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