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Success has little to do with other people’s goals and objectives. Success is all about you measuring what you believe to be true and tapping into your conscious mind to reach a state of true enlightenment. I’m talking about owning and working with a PMA positive mental attitude. It’s a PMA that stimulates your true powerful self and will give you the strength to overcome and work through obstacles, to stretch your comfort zone, to expand your thinking and the ability to create a joyful, happy, safe, purposeful and prosperous environment. When you apply your talents and gifts to serve others to make a positive impact in their lives you automatically trigger a universal mechanism of reward. In this article I’m going to share strategies how you can have your own PMA that I know will serve you and make a positive impact in your personal growth and business.

CONCRETE Tools for success

Interesting data tells us that over 95% of people during February give up on their goals and 80% of New Year resolution makers actually don’t even begin!  It actually makes me feel sad to discover that so many people allow their New Year intentions of accomplishing something new and different from the norm to come to a standstill during February. I know there is a way to create a lifestyle by design and I care enough to want to help by giving you concrete tools and sharing those steps with you so you too can make a huge difference in your life right now.

If you fall into the 95% category and are you one of those people who is not getting the results you want I believe that you can make a difference and in your way you can succeed to Be, Do and Have more.

There could be several reasons why your goals are not turning into reality, apart from fear of failure or even fear of success it could be that you are finding it difficult to think through everything resulting in your goals not being in alignment with what you really want to have happen in your life including owning and running a highly profitable business.

Success is about you taking the right action, of having a plan, a structure to follow and guidance to accomplish what you believe to be the end result you desire. Having those components in the right order also creates value to your life and to those around you by bringing out your unique talents and, as you travel the path your success allows you to share your message with the world in such a way that brings you financial security and personal happiness. Success is not about being a puppet and doing what someone else wants you to do, in other words success can be measured only by you and not by following another’s dream!  I’m sure if you have ever had an idea pop into your head about changing something in your current situation; perhaps to gain promotion at work, to open your own part time business maybe you’ve thought about writing a book telling the story of your life so your grandchildren know more about their heritage, whatever dream you hold, small or big and bold it belongs to you and you deserve to make it happen.

You see I'm talking about you and your goals, your dreams and desires, wants and ambitions. You know what I mean, I’m talking about the stuff that makes your heart sing with joy, that puts a smile on your face and lifts your spirits. After all life is not rehearsal, we are only on this planet once so we may as well make the most of it and go after the goals that make us happy. I encourage you to stretch your comfort zone and go after your dreams.  It’s important that you realise that only you who can make change happen.

Now to make a transition from where you are to where you really want to be, takes a selection of certain actions that each have a different result which all culminate in the true goal. You have to tap into your core belief system to access your sweet spot for guaranteed success.

It’s Easy When You Know How

Setting any kind of goal is simply taking a day dream and turning it into an action plan. A plan of action that removes the 3 F’s - fear, frustration and failure.

Over the years I’m sure just like me you’ve had various ideas that you thought were the answer to certain situations you’ve found yourself in. Some of those ideas you’ve managed to turn into real life accomplishments and then there are those ideas that fell by the wayside. That’s OK, not every dream turns out be to the right one that can genuinely express your true potential. So to secure victory I’ve found a system that gets results, fast and realistically possible.

The Dream Is Already Happening

I’ll start at the beginning so you can see how I’ve managed to keep those February blues at a distance and how you too can banish those fears from your thinking, yep, get rid of that ‘stinking thinking’, step into your true powerful self, how to turn your dreams into reality and live life by design.

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