Plan-A.  Think Strategically and Win in 2013

With the arrival of 2013 I’ve set out my plan for the coming twelve months, how about you, have you written down what you want to achieve this coming year, and, more importantly have you plotted out the plan of action you’ll take to get to goal?

Perhaps you’ve chosen to use a visual map to bring those inner thoughts out of you, either way, written or visual just like successful people you need a plan so you can reveal them and make impactful strides with actions to accomplish and manifest your dreams.

Plan A or Plan B

You only need one plan and that’s Plan A, the primo uno plan.  You see a tactical plan is a tool that will lead you to success, it is the beginning of turning your dream, wish, desire, intention into a tangible end, from the Alpha to the Omega.  Again successful people follow a plan and adjust as they go along.   Similar to a pilot who, when required adjusts his course to get the best from the situation he/she finds themselves in, you and I can do the same with our Plan A.

Life Changes In A Heart Beat

With a sensible and measureable plan in place your goals will be an activity away.  Your behaviour will actually make obvious to you and others how serious you are regarding your ultimate intention and why you are living up to your goal acquisition. With key and congruent commitment to goals anything is possible.


Capture your vision and you’ll have the foundation of your Plan A as vision gives you structure, management skills to stride towards your goal, it’s the ‘why’ you apply yourself to achieving the dream. With a clear and focused vision not only will you be able to keep your motivation strong and attuned to your highest peak condition but will enable you to start this year off with strong intentions, and be in a position to get to goal f...a...s...t...

First you need to acknowledge that your vision is formed through your belief system which is divided into the sub-conscious and the conscious.   Both levels are intelligent, in other words they know and they each have their role to play as part of your characteristic traits.  However, at your sub-conscious level all that you see and hear drops into this section of your brain box and becomes influenced.  This programming is automatic and only your conscious will power can change the outcome.  It is your conscious brain that creates your destiny – hence your vision.


Now we come to the part of your goal planning – Plan A, remember?  It is your intention that calls the shots and dictates your activity. So to ensure you have the right plan from the outset it’s important to get your intention sorted.  You can do that by asking yourself these questions;

1.    What exactly is your goal, in other words are you clear on what you really want?

2.    Why did you choose that goal?

3.    Who is the goal for?  Be honest with yourself, is this goal all about you or...?

Game Plan To Win

Now with what you know about your vision and your intent it’s time to put it all into place and create that Plan A – in other words your game plan to win.

A game plan to win is a commitment to align your core beliefs with action that  necessitates rules and moves, it’s essential that you recognise this in respect of your goals whether they are for health, wealth, relationships, career or business to reach your goals you have to adopt a game plan to win.   

There is only one rule and that is total commitment so you can play to win.  As for the moves, well those are in fact the steps you’ll take to get to your particular goal.  It doesn’t matter how many steps, only you can decide how many, what is important is that you plot out the exact steps to empower and support your vision which compliments your intention.

Pull It All Together – Plan A

You have valuable information at your fingertips and are in a fantastic position to move ahead with realising your goals.  All you have to do is pull the data together to create a strategic plan and you have your map that will take you to any goal you desire  Just remember that as you write your Plan A you’ll want to refine it and adjust the actions to fit the goal posts.  Those goal posts do keep moving, that’s the nature of a game plan, but believe me you have total control over your life and what every you want to achieve your can – it’s simply a case of Living Life by Design.

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