PenCraftBooksPressRelease - International PenCraft Books to Assist Writers Become Published.

Simultaneous release: London, Paris, Traverse City, MI – January 26, 2013.

Today, PenCraft Books, LLC announced the launch of the PenCraft writer assistance program to support writers who wish to become published authors.  Also included in the announcement is the appointment of three officers of the company who will guide the writer support program.  Barbara Cormack (France), PaTrisha-Anne Todd (UK), and Robert Bonhag (USA) will take on these responsibilities.

“Today more than ever, people need a vehicle to share their message with the world” said Barbara Cormack, Editor-in-Chief, PenCraft Books, “and the world is hungry for information and insights.” 

PenCraft Books also pays royalties to the authors and helps market the books in three formats: soft cover printed format, ebook, and Kindle.  Barbara Cormack, with her team, will provide one-on-one counseling and assistance to the authors as well as editing assistance. 

Our vision is to make it easier and more affordable for authors to be published. 

PenCraft Books is currently accepting writers to submit chapters to our next co-authored books:

1.     Overcoming Obstacles --Your Survival Guide for Overcoming Obstacles. 

2.     Developing Inner Strength --Building Healthy Relationships and Self-Confidence.

3.     Life’s Most Important Answers -- Help readers through each stage of their lives.

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