Yesterday I misplaced the key to a cupboard where I keep important research documents for my writing business.  For a moment I was in a flap, concerned that if I couldn’t get to the contents of the documents I’d not meet the copy deadline. 

Thankfully I can report back to you that all is in order, the key was found and the editor received my article in time. 

Today I want to share a little about the key to running your writing business, effortlessly and profitably.

Many new, even the more established writers can while in the process of building their writing business, fall into the trap of overwhelm.  Unforeseen expenses that cause worry, unplanned drop in visits from friends, challenges at work, all this is wasted time amounting to loss of personal energy needed for productive writing.  Frustrations appear, robbing you of creativity, being replaced with feelings of how difficult everything can be just to be an author.  

Those feelings and concerns are nothing new.   It’s just a stage that is part of writing and building a profitable base to sell your writing work.  What you need to remember from the get go is that effort, action and planning with flexibility are needed to turn an idea into a worthwhile enterprise.  Writing articles, books, stage plays, radio scripts, advertising copy, any kind of writing requires strategic action to get sales.

Anyway it doesn’t need to be a struggle when you have a PMA, positive mental attitude towards your writing, with the discipline to carry through the plan you wrote to write your words and the vision to make it all happen.  With those traits in place you’ll win at any writing you decide to do.  It’s so empowering to know you can succeed.

The ‘secret’ that all successful authors do all of the time is to have a priority list, not a TO Do list, but a short, focused and do-able list of priorities to get the task in hand done.

When you apply this simple strategy to your daily writing work load you’ll find you’ll make regular, steady and meaningful progress towards and beyond your goals.

Priorities are the best kept secret in the business of success.  You can use this tip of infusing your life with the energy of priority to get to goal.  You’ll be pleasantly rewarded with a sense of achievement and measurable success.  I know, because it’s what I apply to my own life.

Give it a go today, write a priority list and check off each one as you get it done.  At the end of the day review your actions and acknowledge that what didn’t get done was in reality not a priority.  Always congratulate yourself for the work you do; from beginning, the progress you make or when you complete the task.

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