Olympics2014_Sochi_In_Russia displays amongst the Olympians how their personal development and focus has brought them to the historic games.

22nd Winter Olympic Winter Games

  • It was the ancient Greeks who started the Olympic games a coming together of people overcoming physical challenges to display their prowess in sport.  
  • Through the years the games have spread across the world opening up opportunities for those athletes who want to represent their country by competing for the coveted bronze, silver and gold medals.
  •  The Sochi games reported to be costing over $50 billion!

The Flame

It is the flame originating from the theft of fire by Prometheus from the Greek god Zeus, that symbolises human achievement.

The flame has been carried across 83 regions of Russia appearing today Friday 7 February 2014 at the site of the Winter Olympic games in Sochi, Russia.

I've been watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic games with the Russians showcasing their interpretation of fairy tales and history. Symbols of success.

Throughout the performance I've seen professional application of focused steps and movements.  It's this that I wish to speak about today and show you how determination and discipline applied in sequence fundamentally shows how the Russian's have powerfully used the opening ceremony as an example of determination and discipline to effect positive change and turn a world wide spectacle into an iconic experience.

Written by PaTrisha-Anne Todd at Coaching Leads To Success

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