I Live Life by Design - VIP

I Live Life by Design - VIP is my new 2021 style  Virtual Intensive Programme.

Even during a pandemic it's possible to get clear on what you want and put the plan in place that guarantees your personal and professional success.

  • Work with PaTrisha-Anne on a 1-1 basis to plot out your road map with strategic detailed steps that propel you forward. 
  • Envison your future and discover how to claim your true passion in life.
  • Tap into your core belief system. 
  • x3 focused online sessions with PaTrisha-Anne to map out your best route to cash and time freedom for the next 12 months and beyond...
  • Align with your true goals in life and enjoy a life by design.

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  • Over 4 weeks enjoy x3 powerful online days with PaTrisha-Anne.  (x2 days breakthrough sessions and x1 day fine tune experience), with life changing training and daily email  accountability).
  • Discover what you want and what you need to do to ensure a positive  transformation from where you are now to where you desire to go.  
  • Specific materials strategically designed to ensure you understand your purpose,  passion and turn your dreams into reality.

If you are ready and seriously intend to turn your dreams, no matter how small or how big, into reality and live life by design and prepared to commit and take action then we could work together. I would love to work with you if you are ready to move forward.

Please complete the personal application form to schedule a pre-enrollment meeting online. A fee of $100 USD will be charged to your bank card. The fee is deductable from the VIP experience $3757 USD investment, when you move forward and sign up to the programme. 

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