Day 189
Do I Know What You Know?

…is it necessary to know what you know?

To live a life by design we each need to know our own mind.

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by PaTrisha-Anne Todd, the Coach to Coaches at

Day 189 speaks about how well you know yourself.⠀

Having time for yourself is important. It keeps you sane and healthy emotionally, especially in these challenging times.⠀

Always find time to sit quietly and ask yourself, how are you feeling inside? What are you thinking at the moment? What do you want to do with your life now and in the future?⠀

Make sure to check in with yourself every day. Try this today and experience how it can bring such joy, motivation, and empowerment into your life.⠀

Are you ready to check in with yourself today?

Pepper Your Life with Dreams by Master Coach PaTrisha-Anne Todd at

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