'NEW' Cosmic Soul Life Coach
Training - Launch Your Professional Life Coaching Business Today

Transform your life as you learn the secret ancient Laws of the Universe and help others find their purpose as you build a profitable Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coaching business working from home. 

The ancient wisdom of the Cosmic Laws have been passed down through the generations, and now you can tap into them and create extra ££££ / $$$$ as a heart centered Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach.

The 'NEW' official international Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach Certification starts - 3 October 2022

The Official 'NEW'
Cosmic Soul Life Coach International Certification Training

If you have an interest in personal development and coaching to help others then Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coaching is for you. Learn the skill to create a beautiful lifestyle for yourself and family while at the same time building a business to help others achieve more, to be more and to have more through the process of coaching as a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach.

The Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach international certification training curriculum and proven coaching model will work for you!  You can become an impactful highly succesful coach even if you currently have a job, or commitments that take up your time or have never coached professionally before. I can show you HOW.

Our curriculum teaches you high level coaching techniques using the 6SCM and PATs going deep aligning your inner core with the amazing forces of the Laws of the Universe attracting and claiming personal power, abundance, happiness and success living the dream.

"I'll give you and teach you the 6SCM and PATs strategies to claim your birth right creating abundance, prosperity, bliss, joy, harmony, peace, healing in your life, and harness the Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach skills helping others create wonderful lifestyles filled with special relationships and careers.

Secrets to your success

How The Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach Methodology Works

The official Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach training uses proven coaching methodology for Living Life by Design combining psychology and the metaphysical principles of cosmic energy for clarity, vision and vibrational frequency.

By following the system you can breakthrough old habits that hold you back, and go beyond your current level of belief. By taking small positive forward moving steps, day-by-day you'll reach a natural progression to attaining a lifestyle by design enjoying results you know you deserve.

The course material is totally different from anything out there in the world of coaching and personal development. It is a unique system that I have crafted from many years of personal development, metaphysical study and actual life coaching. The system gives you rapid results as you harness the personal power and goodness centered deep within yourself.

  • Imagine having an explosion of inner and outer joy, by clearing away the rubbish you've collected over the years and replacing it with complete bliss, joyful happiness and prosperity in your life.

Limiting beliefs can be a thing of the past, they need no longer be part of your daily thoughts. The Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach methodology of coaching kinetics is an awesome tool box filled with tools to help you remove those limiting beliefs for ever. You'll learn to automatically tap into your core soul just as the ancients did, and discover your true purpose in life.

Living in today's hectic world you can with one command realistically make forward moving choices that create strength to optimise your full potential.

The course content offers you mastery as a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach with practical measures to release and manifest your true destiny as you build a profitable and sustainable coaching business. Working for yourself earning the income you desire is possible as a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach.

The Curriculum
delivered on-line and live

  • The core Cosmic Soul Life Coach competencies needed for fast and sustainable results focused professional coaching.
  • The Six Step Coaching Model proven methodology that gives instant results in all areas of the Life Cycle.
  • Coaching techniques to reach the best depth of knowing and ensuring you coach professionally without stress or overwhelm.
  • Learn to create and deliver a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coaching curriculum your clients will love as they steadily reach the goals they choose.
  • Attract an endless stream of ideal clients.
  • Build the business of your dreams working from anywhere in the world - BBB model.
  • The PATs growth tool for personal growth and freedom living the dream.
  • Learn the Secret Vocabulary used by Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coaches.
  • PLUS  much more...
  • - lessons delivered online over 10 weeks.
  • - x2 one-on-one coaching calls with PaTrisha-Anne.
  • - the official Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach 'Certificate of Competency' mailed to your home.
  • This course will give you powerful a transformation experience and teach you to clarify your inner longing and activate your core belief system to embark on a powerful spiritual journey.  You'll harness your inner feelings allowing you to become the best you can be, to have full integrity and be your absolute authentic self in the full spirit of the Cosmic Soul Life Coach principles of; Be - Do - Have.

    You will be trained in the proven system to become a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach enabling you to build a transformational coaching business, step-by-step reaching and surpassing 6+ figures as you coach ideal clients reach the results they desire. 

    As you progress through the course you will discover how you can Live Life by Design and how it's possible for anyone who has passion to BE - DO and HAVE more, and rearch their potential. You'll find and live life on purpose - YOU and your clients can experience a wonderful transition from your inner core to your outer being living in freedom.

    YOU are the difference, right now in the present regardless of age or where you live. You are not a victim of circumstance or prisoner to your environment. Today is the most opportune time for you to Live Life by Design.

    Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach following the principles of the  Universal Laws to create a sustainable and profitable coaching business. 

    Become a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach.

    Official international Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach Certification.

    Become a Professional Cosmic Soul Life Coach.

    Ready? Achieve the Lifestyle, Freedom and Abundance you deserve.

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