Cause-And-Effect - I tweeted; It's not only about learning it’s also very much about putting what you learn into practice, so keep on applying yourself and success will be yours’

The idea of Cause-And-Effect, attributes its essence in the Law of Attraction which provides results that the ancient masters of the universe gave as secrets to be followed with consistent action and application to reach both personal and commercial goals.

7 Powerful Steps To Success

I totally believe that practicing what you learn increases the feeling of confidence and raises self-esteem. Wouldn’t you agree? In fact, I live by the principle of Cause and Effect and my tweet live on the world wide web is just another way of saying that every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause.

Another way to work the challenge of attaining success is to take a glance back at your own life to see what successes you have already accomplished. And I mean all of them from learning to walk as a very young child to mastering the task of reading, perhaps learning to drive a car or fly a plane whatever skill you’ve managed to learn and use for yourself is a success in itself.

Now of course some of you will be thinking that success isn’t about reaching a level of competency in everyday skills. But that’s where I would encourage you to re-think and consider the following; that success of any kind in any domain comes in steps, each one supporting the previous and laying a positive and productive framework for those steps to come with each step emanating personal power than the previous thereby conquering self-doubt and essentially leading to satisfaction of a goal.

Business Owners In Any Market

Coaches, Trainers, Speakers and Entrepreneurs each have their own struggles to find new clients, deliver their products or services, follow-up and meet their financial goals. There isn't enough time to get it all done!

Well, I understand that as I've been there too, but don't worry simply consider what I have to say next:

Over the many years I've been coaching I've always helped my clients by providing them with action steps that are doable and bring in results fast...

My book 7 Powerful Steps To Success is the ideal solution to getting clear and laying the foundation for your goal achieving plan and to achieving the most important things in your life including health, wealth, relationships and spiritual growth.  The book has the strategies you need for fast goal achievement and guides you to think bigger, to focus thereby increasing your self-esteem and the capabilities to find the courage to go after your goals.


7 Powerful Steps To Success written by award winning author PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Cause-And-Effect, The Law of Attraction gives results that the great masters of the universe offered as secrets for personal success...

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