BabyBoomerBioPaTrisha-Anne Todd 'The Book Lady Entrepreneur' a baby boomer born just before the Great Smog of 1952 that engulfed London and left its legacy embedded deep within her lungs.

Herself a surviving twin, she grew up in London’s leafy suburbs, the first born of entrepreneurial parents.  In the mid 1970's PaTrisha-Anne moved across the English Channel en route for mainland Europe to travel and broaden her love of different languages, foreign culture and its local cuisine.

"I have an insatiable curiosity about life and its people..."

During her fifteen years abroad she developed her passion for writing stories and mini guides on living a life by design.

Life was good bringing marriage and three healthy children including a set of twins!

However Mother Nature had plans of her own, testing PaTrisha-Anne’s core belief system time and time again with illness, single parenthood, financial struggle and bereavement.  

She has always been plagued by the chronic and one time near fatal episode of a childhood lung infection and then the onset of Fibromyalgia, painful muscle deterioration dis-ease.

Before poor health took a firm hold she enjoyed a thriving coaching career training thousands of students in the technique of life and cosmic soul coaching.  PaTrisha-Anne travelled the world speaking her motivational talks to entrepreneurial women in India, mixed audiences in Australia, America, Ireland and England. 

She has contributed copious articles to various self growth, coaching and entrepreneurial magazines and online publications.  She has written and published seven books and co-authored three others.  She has assisted young entrepreneurs as part of the volunteer Business Mentor team for HRH Prince Charles, The Princes Trust.  She is an Ambassador For Peace, a Member of the Society of Authors, a Fellow Coach of the global International Institute of Coaching.

Today PaTrisha-Anne spends her time with family, friends, her pets, and reading, studying and writing on the subject of the command of PMA positive mental attitude as a source and personal motivation tool to achieve any goal and not be a victim of circumstance or a prisoner to environment and the power of the metaphysical Cosmic energy force.



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