ecademy Happy Birthday

ecademy, happy birthday 14 years online as a global entrepreneurial community

This social networking community known as ecademy is an out of the ordinary global on-line entrepreneurial community that began in 1998 when Penny Power co-founded a social network that has grown to be a stunningly useful resource for community, networking, business education and mentoring to develop and achieve a strong business ethic and success.

On-line @ Home

Today’s business model incorporates technology for communication which automatically brings with it the luxury of working from home. Working from home is much more than the fore runner of flexi time, it’s a true delight. ecademy contributes enormously to the social networking concept allowing its members to network across the globe, creating joint ventures and doing business without the added expense of travel and for some business members the weight of hiring safe and efficient home care for their children.

Why ecademy?

In two words I can confidently express; why not!

As I’ve said ecademy offers more than community, it has the philosophy of ‘Open, Random and Supportive’. Those three qualities are the basis of best business practice across the world.

Once again, Happy Birthday ecademy and bring on the cake, music and champagne.

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