Research shows that 85% of time is needed to be successful in the skill of converting prospective coaching enquiries into paying clients. This is known as understanding the simple technique of Sales.

The Sales Technique

There are four basic parts to 'The Sales Technique'

1 Your personal motivation level is the main reason, in other words your burning desire to achieve a certain goal.

2 Knowing your ‘why’ will keep you motivated and support you to be accountable for the amount of effort you put in towards achieving your goal.

3 You’ll need consistent coaching and mentoring from an experienced Coach to help you remain focused and in-action.

4 The know-how to put into place correct delegation of specific tasks that keep you focused.

The Overall Strategy

With the four parts in place and careful strategic planning along with knowing who your ideal client is, you'll have everything you need to allow you to filter and convert targeted enquiries into sales, easily and effectively.

The best way forward in order to make that important transition from just thinking about having a full appointment and order book to actual attainment is to broaden your learning curve of existing skills and carrying out action steps.

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