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1. Rise with the sun

2. Begin your day with reviewing what you need to do

3. See in your minds eye exactly how your day pans out

4. See the sales coming in

5. Imagine clients contacting you happy and satisfied with your service and hungry for more

6. Confirm in your thinking that your business is meeting the forecast financial figures

7. Know that your plans are coming together

8. Write up your Business Book (journal) with ideas, mind maps, research sources, anything that will grow your business

9. Absolutely BE the successful person you know you deserve to be

10. Dress comfortably and powerfully

11. Groom your body, hands and hair

12. Smile to life your energy and radiate outwards

13. Respect time and work diligently on your business every single day

14. Take time out to re-coup, relax and recharge your batteries

15. Whatever hours you work on your business sincerely work your business

16. Deploy The Six Step Success System ©PaTrisha-Anne Todd 1979

17. Plan your business and work the plan

18. Plan your marketing and do it

19. Plan your promotions and implement

20. Plan your product launches and launch

21. Forecast your financials for the next 60 months to today

22. Choose a selection of MSI multiple streams of income to include in your financial projections

24. Create systems for every aspect of your business

25. Delegate learning time

26. Delegate networking time

27. Delegate Income Producing Activity time

28. Delegate 'Me' time

29. Get technical support

30. Build a TEAM (together everyone achieves more)

31. Outsource as much as you can for cost effectiveness

32. Get a Coach to champion you along

32. Reflect on your activities and outcomes each evening

33. Go get a; Life and Business by Design!


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