FACT: Being in business is all about making money, it's not a hobby venture where you spend time day dreaming and not taking substantial action to build a thriving business.

I know many of you are worried about how to make money in this economy of recession and depression. You can pay your rent, meet your bills and enjoy some 'me' spending. It's not easy, but IT IS DOABLE.

There's no such thing as not being able to make money in business especially if all you want to do is to just have enough each month, to help others, that you want to make the world a better place, that you want to give help and support others. The trick is to know exactly what the market wants, not needs, and for you to deliver the solution. When you are clear on that you'll find you can meet all your personal good deed ideas while making money and be a philanthropist.

Getting The Price Right

Knowing your market and setting your price point is important. In fact its so important that its not about you and your price point, its actually about what the buyer considers they are worth!

Your buyers, clients, customers will recognise themselevs when they tap into your uniqueness, its the element of USP, unique selling proposition that attracts your client base.

Trying to out price your competition or having your prices set low in a desperate attempt to bring in the cash is a step towards failure. You'll get nowhere fast if you price too low.

Low Pricing Is An Excuse

Offering cheap will bring your competition out ahead of you. You have to breakthrough your own poverty consciousness and set your prices right. You can do it if you plan it out.

Included in your pricing mechanism is value for money and the policy of over delivery. Your clients will thank you for that and remain loyal and refer your services / products to others.

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