PRESS RELEASE January 2012

Life Coach Training To Beat The Recession

The new economy is the ideal time to begin working for yourself as a Life Coach. The hope for ordinary people is high and personal development is the way forward says professional life coach trainer PaTrisha-Anne Todd, awarding winning author and small business mentor has created a complimentary training.

Professional life coach trainer and mentor PaTrisha-Anne Todd offers an exclusive Life Coach training, teaching would be coaches how to coach while remaining at process. The new life coach training programme describes exactly how to work with clients to a professional coaching standard.

This is a powerful transformational programme ideal for those who want to learn how to help others while creating a solid foundation for themselves and not get spaced out with client drama. Life coaching is about adopting a positive mindset; using key strategies for change. The programme provides basic tools to wipe out sceptical negative behaviour by adoptoing Coaching Kinetics methodology. The system of working with left and right brain functions.

Life coaching does not confine itself to working on the area of life alone, but rather the whole premise of all elements of living a healthy, wealthy lifestyle by design. Mastery of life coaching is available to all to step into and to step up to something better, it's for those who care about living a better quality of lifestyle, all it takes is application to study the underpinning core competencies of life coaching.

PaTrisha-Anne Todd continues to attract high energy individuals who believe in living life on purpose for the good of self and community.

Life Coaching training available to all at no charge; please visit Coaching Leads To web site and follow the administration registration process.

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