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Mobile Phone Etiquette

The Rules Of Mobile Phone Etiquette

Call it a 'cell phone' or 'handy', either way there are rules about where, when and how you use your mobile phone in a public or business place.

How often have you heard the tinkle of the ring during an evening performance at the theatre, and even been bombarded with a cacophony of 'I'm on the train', 'I'm in a meeting' even 'can't talk now...'

That kind of behaviour is not acceptable. It's an intrusion into the decorum of the situation. A phone, is a phone, is a phone! It is not a broadcasting piece of equipment to tell the world about your intimate thoughts, actions or anything else.

Preferring To Answer The Phone

What does that say about your manners?

  • Turn your mobile device off and do not put it on the meeting or dining table

    How Do You Answer The Phone

    Shouting down the telephone line is not acceptable. In the first place you shouldn't be in such a position that you need to answer the telephone when out in public.

  • Scheduling your telephone appointments is paramount.

    ask PaTrisha-Anne Todd, LCSi ...

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