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Knowing your WHY is the driving factor that motivates the small business owner to step up and step out of their comfort zone to create an income that exceeds each fiscal year.

I refer to this action as LEAP - Leadership, Evaluation, Action, Principles*

It's the mixture of planning and accountability that influences the ordinary business owner to become the extraordinary leader and visionary.

Strengths and Weaknesses

To succeed in business you need to know your strengths and weaknesses, but more than that it's about keeping in context with the principles and tools of best business practice to ensure you can confidently take big leaps up that ladder of success.

Getting Stated Is The Hardest Thing To Do

It might be, or perhaps it's not so difficult for you because you already have the end goal in your sight and know exactly what you need to do to turn your dreams into a reality. Either way be honest with yourself and get clear on your end goal before you spend time on any other aspect of your business.

Leap The Leadership Element

Critical understanding of what goal you want to reach will be the make or break of your initial and ongoing assent to success. It's like knowing the ingredients you need for a particular recipe, the right quantities and how to put it all together to make the recipe into the chosen dish. The cook takes leadership of the recipe and ensures ingredients are sourced, proportioned accordingly and mixed as required. Leap into leadership of your profession/industry.

Leap The Evaluation Element

Ongoing evaluation of your business plan, the outcomes and your dreams make being in business worthwhile, as it's not only about the money, it's about Living Life by Design.

Leap The Action Element

The absolute best way to overcome those roadblocks that pop up along the way is to hold tight to your vision and with passion follow the plan you created for success, step-by-step. Take your time but take action every single day.

Leap The Principles Element

Living by a code of ethics will bring financial results while ensuing happiness.

*LEAP - Leadership, Evaluation, Action, Principles

Leadership - is about having the confidence to step up and set the example for others to follow by making decisions that show the way to achieving the desired goal.

Evaluation - here we have the re-designing tool for your business that measures and predicts the outcome of your actions.

Action - moving in the right direction for business growth takes courage and savvy awareness of what's going in the market place and what your competitors are proving to solve the problems of those who are seeking a solution to their crisis.

Principles - are the core belief system components that drive the motivation to achieve.

With LEAP you can have a Life and Business by Design.

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