Solution Focused Individual Laser Coaching

Our solution focused individual laser coaching is the ideal option for you when you need to find an answer to a challenge.

We've set up a system whereby you can speak in confidence with an experienced coach for an hour and get clarity on what's on your mind.

During the phone session you can discuss what is important to you and with the expertise of your coach you'll be able to develop a plan of action with confidence and focus...

Affordable and flexible with instant results.

Choose Your 1:1 Laser Coaching package

ONE 1:1 Laser Coaching session by appointment via phone/voip - £75 per individual session.

THREE 1:1 Laser Coaching sesssions by appointment via phone/voip - £200 for three sessions saving £25.

FIVE 1:1 Laser Coaching sesssions by appointment via phone/voip - £325 for three sessions saving £50.

NINE 1:1 Laser Coaching sesssions by appointment via phone/voip - £600 sessions saving £75.

Book Your 1:1 Laser Coaching Session

To book your coaching session through Coaching Leads To Success please read the following information;

Coaching Leads To Success provides 'Laser Coaching' services only to persons aged 18 years or over.

The 1:1 'Laser Coaching' is a private coaching (coaches do not give advice) phone/voip call of up to one hour duration by appointment.

During the 'Laser Coaching' session thought provoking questions using the popular Six Step Coaching Model are used to raise the coaching clients' awareness and formulate a realistic action plan. The coaching client is totally responsible for choosing to participate in the 'Laser Coaching' session(s) and indemnifies Coaching Leads To Success coaches and all related parties of all liability. No guarantee is offered for any/all client results. Fees are payable in advance. Refunds are not available. Appointments are scheduled within 48 hours within working days and hours. Please click here to book and pay...

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