Certification Programme


Business and Social VIP Etiquette Coach

We've included the following Income-Matrix to help you understand the many avenues of income available to you as a new and fully trained and certificated Business and Social VIP Etiquette Coach.

The matrix is based on the chapter in the NEW business etiquette handbook to be released in September 2012.

You can read the adapted profit-matrix list below: Please remember that as a student and graduate of the Business and Social VIP Etiquette Coach programme the whole gambit of MSI multiple streams of income are taught on the five days intensive live training.

  • Individual Clients

    Coach and mentor your clients hourly, half day and full day.

    Income: Fee package depends on your experience as you work closely with clients on a one to one basis.

    Income: Consultation rates begin from £45 - £200 per hour, a half day package and full day package increase between 300% to 1000%.

  • Corporate Seminars, Coaching and Speaking

    Expect to earn from £200 when you first begin your Etiquette business and as you gain experience and exposure you can increase your fees to 5 and 6 figures depending on duration of occasion.

    Income: Less travel expenses, a sizeable amount remains unless your travel is also paid for then you have a 100% profit.

  • Personal Branding

    A half day consultation begins at £150 increasing your fees as you gain in expertise.

    Income: At least a 66% gain.

  • Educational Establishments

    Teach and Lecture at local and national institutions by contract and per hour arrangement.

    Income: Usually a £35 hourly rate with secure repeat contracts.

  • Write A Book

    More information is delivered during the training and our 'Ghost Writing' Service for those who feel they cannot write their own book.

  • Media - TV and Radio

    Discover how you can become a celebrated expert in Etiquette.

    Etiquette Business In A Box


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