Coach Cast IIC greetings 2012

A New Year is upon us and the coaching industry has made leaps and bounds in assisting many business owners, executives and leaders with coaching.

I'm absolutely delighted you are here and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday.

"All the team at the IIC wish you well for the coming New Year 2012 and we look forward to seeing you on our various social media sites. So if you have the time do pop along to the social medial sites and Facebook and tell us about your coaching journey, all the exciting things you are up to in your coaching life and also if you are keen to find out more about our accreditation, please do get in touch."

FaceBook and other social media sites have supported the sharing of coaching and its fast results for positive and productive outcomes.

To learn more about how coaching can support you in your journey subscribe of a complimentary subscription to the 'Coaching Leads To Success' weekly ezine, saving £95 annual subscription.

Watch the Coach Cast Greeting December 2011

Coach Cast December 2011


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