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A handshake is more than a sign of greeting, its a technique to send a message. It actually tells a story about you and can confirm or dis-spell the other person's evaulation about you. However, having said that often times people do not realise the style of handshake they are giving and may or may not portray their true character. Do take that into account when you give and receive handshakes. Etiquette Social and Business Programmes with PaTrisha-Anne Todd LCSi

Name The Handshake

The finger to finger handshake indicates you really don't want to have any physical contact and just screams "leave me alone". It also shows a sign of insecurity.

Another is the handshake that is used to not only crush all the bones in your hand but can also dislodge your arm from the rest of your body - the bone crushing, shaking horror. A handshake that is often used by a bully type personality with a point to prove.

Two hands handshake used in the wrong setting is not sincere, keep the two hands handshake for really good friends and family with whom you already have a good relationship built, and you can use it on the occasion of condolence or expressing concern in illness.

Pointed dominant handshake, when the index finger points and the person literally turns your hand so their's is on top.

The Ideal Handshake

Extend your hand and offer it to the other person with your fingers pointing forward, not downwards and point your thumb up. Meet their hand palm to palm with the fold of the thumb and index finger meeting. Shake 2 - 3 times up and down, not side to side then release and withdraw your hand back.

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