Etiquette Social and Business Coach exclusive training with PaTrisha-Anne Todd

Certified Etiquette Coach Training

Training and Certification and Business Start Up

"I believe the most successful way to learn the skill and flair of etiquette is by interactive learning in the classroom. Our exclusive programme is both social and business focused. We teach you the skills needed to stand out from the crowd with grace and elegance and secure the deal in today's competitive market place."

"Everything you need for success as an Etiquette Coach is included in my step by step four days training. I'll give you my systems for success including forms, templates, scripts, marketing and pricing policy, specific coaching business strategies even my very own PMA positive mental attitude mindset secrets, and more."

BIG Income Business Niche

Business & Social Etiquette Coach

Live Training 25th June - 28th June 2012 Dorset, England

Become An Accredited Coach in Business & Social Etiquette

  • Differentiate yourself from other coaches, be the expert of choice!

  • Raise and secure your future income in this new economy - we give you the skills and confidence to build a sustainable business

  • Attract high end and stylish clients with proven step-by-step marketing that guarantees success

  • Increase your clients' confidence levels with pre-designed modules, scripts and templates. We even give you our unique blue-print to our VIP Signature System

  • Build your expertise in a niche market that is rapidly growing and make a difference

    The Curriculum

  • The Craft of Social and Business Etiquette

  • Communication skills including cross-cultural communication, meet and greet skills, email, telephone and networking etiquette

  • Personal executive image in dress and physiology

  • The whole business of etiquette - cross culutre across the globe includes British, European, African, Middle Eastern, Asian and North American core etiquette.

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    "I look forward to working with you and teaching you the strategies of high society for business and social success."- PaTrisha-Anne Todd, 'The Lady Entrepreneur' Award Winning Author, Speaker, VIP Etiquette Consultant

    Empowering YOU to create a Life & Business by Design...

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