Angels the heavenly beings with healing powers and protection skills lifting the vibrations of each soul.

You may have read about angles in books are articles similar to this one, about how some people talk to their angles asking for guidance and strength in times of need. Some acknowledge the sign of a feather indicating that an angel is nearby. While others, claim to have the experience of communicating with angles.

It is my firm belief that personal development can encompass the essence of Angels and raise the Divine Feminine.

The fundamental process of self growth is that of clarity of vision. Angles could be that cosmic force that encourages certain individuals to have more than hope, but rather a new perspective and deep profound knowledge that a better standard of living can happen by working with the energy of angles and archangels.

A special cosmic energy will engulf the planet at 11.11 on 11 November 2011, furthermore 2012 is also a significant cosmic time for most of the ancient cultures and many tribes, plus humans will have the opportunity to gain enlightenment and wisdom as the portals of heaven open and pour in divine energy.

Looking forward...PaTrisha-Anne

Cosmic Soul Coaching Leads To Success

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