Circle-of-Life - Are you seriously making forward moving decisions every single day as you make your everyday choices and really enjoy success in your personal life?

Are your daily needs being met as you go about working on your goals, in the hope you can achieve more on a regular basis?

Could the lifestyle you currently live be better with more meaning in your whole life, in your relationships, having a better level of health and an increase in personal finances?

Would knowing about the Circle-of-Life help you make a positive difference in your life right now? Yes, the Circle-of-Life would be a great boost to how you live your life and how you'd like to live it.

So many times I've heard stories about people who do nothing but complain about their lifestyle. Those kinds of stories hurt my ears, even the people who are recounting them are pressing my 'off' button. I just do not want to hear excuses about not being happy, living in bliss and enjoying success from smart effort.

What A Waste Of Time And Energy

Another common muttering is the "If only", or "It's not fair". I've also heard people say "You don't understand it's a real problem".

What a lot of negative energy being spent in a soul draining activity. It's such a shame when these people could be spending their precious time and effort on creating the positive and really exercising the right to choose 'choice'.

Get Honest By Doing The Right Thing - Circle-of-Life

The best way I find to get over the hurdle of 'going through a bad phase' or similar and to begin to turn your life around for the better is by admitting to yourself the way that you feel and honestly back-tracking your actions to the point where you got the outcome you're not happy with, you don't have to share your thoughts with anyone else, there is no need to spend even more energy on a situation that appears to be in a negative state.

Of course you can't change a lifetime of habits overnight, but you can begin to change who you are in an instant and literally overnight begin a new Circle of Life.

If you want change then it really is important that you step up and take responsibility for your life. That's part of the key to personal mastery. So find your reason to change and choose to move forward. Don't let procrastination steal your spirit.

Help Yourself Towards Personal Mastery

1. On a large plain piece of paper write your name in the centre.2. Draw a circle around your name. Add the date.3. Draw off six separate lines, like the rays of the sun.4. Along each line write one of the following; Why - What - Who - Where - When - How.

In this circle you've now got six lines coming off from the centre each line with a different heading.

This is the beginning of your overall personal Circle of Life.

Change Your Life In A Blink Of An Eye

Pin up your Circle of Life drawing in a place you'll see it everyday so you can review it. That's right, review it every single day. It's vital that you do, its all part of the positive feeding of your mind which allows your subconscious to get to work in helping you create your true life destiny and exercise the birth right of having a choice. Sadly, people become conditioned to the circumstances around them and have their true unique purpose pressed and hidden. However, with a little re-conditioning you'll soon find that you can change your life in a blink of an eye.

Keep your 'Circle of Life' drawing fresh and current as the days, weeks and months surge ahead. You can change your lifestyle for one that is stunning and blissful, all you need is the right step-by-step process to make it happen.

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