Business_Plan_A-Z series

The Business Plan A-Z to Build Your
Life Coaching Home Based Business

Through the years I've learned that a business plan is the foundation tool to help keep yourself motivated to build a Life Coaching home based business.

Have you got a business plan? If not, then you are seriously missing out on doing well now in this ever changing economy and in the future, for without the aid of a great tool as basic as a business plan you'll very easily lose the advantage of guaranteed success to achieve both a happy non-stressful lifestyle and financial success.

A well structured business plan gives you the edge to focus on your ideas, with enthusiasm and energy. It's time to consider your personal copy of the Business Plan A-Z.

Here’s My Tip For Creating Success:

The Six Step Coaching Model

Let me explain how the strategy of Why, What, Who, When, Where = Howand really works.

WHY – ask yourself why you want to be in business for yourself. Go on be honest. Is it just to get extra money? Or, are you serious about creating a sustainable future for you and your family. To have a future that is geared to a changing world yet flexible to adhere to a forward moving business plan a-z.

Only you can answer your WHY. Go ahead give it a go.

WHAT – ask yourself what you want to achieve by becoming a home business owner and more importantly what you’ll give in return for having the privilege of working from home. Believe me it’s a privilege to work from home with no boss, no 9 – 5 having to be out of the home or staying late at work, no compute and no stress.

WHO – so, who’s involved in your home based business and how does your working for yourself impact on other family members and your social life?

WHEN – now is the time, now is the best time, now is when you get things done.

WHERE – it’s all in your head, your thoughts, your ideas, it’s all about you.

Yes, that’s right it’s all about you. It’s vital that you are honest with your self when deploying The Six Step Coaching Model. After all as I’ve said before it’s all about you, your choices, your finances, your health you’re your lifestyle.

When you know the answers to the five W questions above you’ll have the ‘HOW to’ knowledge to write an action packed business plan that is clear, focused and realistic with the gumption to follow through.

Looking forward…PaTrisha-Anne Todd

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