30-Day Book Marketing Challenge with D’vorah Lansky a few thoughts on what this experience has done for me...

Goodness me, over the past 5 weeks I’ve been participating in the 7th annual 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge with D’vorah Lansky, and what a super experience!

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A book marketing challenge with a difference allowing me to dip in and dip out as my busy schedule allowed. The topics included were;

  • Your Author Platform
  • Grow a Relationship with Your Audience   
  • Earn an Income with Your Book    
  • Book Marketing Strategies
  • Virtual Book Tours

#1 Your Author Platform

This section was interesting from the point of view of being an author into today’s market place.

Authors need to be aware the way books are promoted and delivered today that being just an author won't cut it. If you want to have your book in front of thousands of pairs of eyeballs you have to make an effort and contribute to the book marketing process. In other words you need to tell the world you've written a book and from where they can buy it.

Because the book market has changed so much over the last few years book marketing is required to both start and maintain an off and on-line presence, regardless if you’re a traditional published author or, self-published as an Indie author

Modern day author platform experts shared ideas to help promote authors' books: blog building, how to use the power of Amazon and Goodreads, social media platforms such as facebook and of course a marketing action plan.

#2 Grow a Relationship with Your Audience

Amazing strategies were offered up on how to not only grow a relationship with your audience but to attract an endless stream of fans with beguiling simplicity. I particularly enjoyed the ‘Create A Giveaway’ technique which I’ve added to my book series marketing plan.

#3 Earn an Income with Your Book

This section held my attention and was music to my ears, cha-ching and also to see what’s new in earning an amount of diverse income from only writing books. After all a book is so much more than just words on paper, or digital symbols displayed on an electronic device.  For some authors it’s a matter of blood, sweat and tears.  For me, book writing involves passion, research and marketing, so not only sharing my message with readers the chance of earning an income from any book I write is a welcome possibility.

#4 Book Marketing Strategies

Application of at least one of the many strategies the experts shared is the sole activity that will bring in results, but, before book sales can happen there is a very necessary central principle that needs to be applied.  It’s a PMA, positive mental attitude. I personally experienced tons of PMA from both D’vorah and the community, the whole experience has been a sincere and graceful explosion of positive mental attitude and good old fashioned honest generosity.

I picked up several golden nuggets during the book marketing strategies penultimate week.

#5 Virtual Book Tours

The creme de la creme Virtual Book Tours.  This section was for me the virtual icing on the top. I enjoyed learning about VBT, mainly because the whole concept has moved my writing career forward by leaps and bounds. The virtual book tours idea is a tactic I've already added to my marketing action plan will deploy for my eBook series, the first book available for Kindle on Amazon ‘7 Powerful Steps To Success’.

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