I thought I'd share a handful of tips about how I create a system to achieve business success. I'm really excited about the new year and elevate my business to its next level, while I help my clients raise their level too.

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The holiday season has just flown by and 2012 has arrived.

In previous years I have found the run up to the festive season was a gradual slow down, with having to keeping my coaching business activities to a bare minimum. These days I find the end of the year is especially good to take time out to weigh up the highs and lows I’ve experienced over the last 12 months, and you can begin to do the same. Actually this time of year is very important for the job I have in mind, after all being in business is all about doing business!

The other good news about this time of year is the chance to take stock of your business performance and get yourself ready for a successful next 365 days, quarter by quarter, month, week and day by day.

Five Tips To Ensure Momentum

You can be confident of good results if you go ahead and try out the following 5 tips to find new energy in your business during the ‘slow’ festive season.

1. Review your business and marketing plans and evaluate where you are on the journey: Re-group and fine tune what needs to be changed for a better 2012.Sometimes during the last financial quarter of the year we tend to forget that clients and prospective clients have other things on their mind, in my business coaching is not one of them.

2. Accounting – reconciliation and checking your P&L figures: Every penny counts; so don’t miss out on savings that you can make for earned income. Check your accounts against the various tax rules and bank saving accounts, take aggressive action if need be.

3. Look at your team and their strengths and weaknesses. Are they producing the results you expect and allowing you to get on with working on your business while they work behind the scenes in your business. This tip refers to the whole team from VA to web designer and your eMail in-box, get it sorted and make a pact with yourself about what time and for how long you’ll ‘work’ on your emails.

4. Take a moment to consider your lap top / computer; is it time for a digital health check or even an upgrade. Remember the new commercial world is virtual so take care of your hardware, software and systems.

5. Now you’ve sorted out your business it’s all about you, so for those of you who are familiar with my Live Life by Design philosophy I encourage to take extreme care of yourself.

I know that many of you already try to carry out the above five points I’ve spoken about, but let’s be honest, how often do you actually keep on taking that action to make certain you get the results you originally mapped out in your business plan?

Marketing powerfully, building relationships, being absolutely clear on your message, and your overall 3, 6, 12 months strategy are vital to business growth.

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