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Coaching Leads To Success for Solo Entrepreneurs Working from Home
June 12, 2021

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For a long time now I’ve been training individuals to become professional Life Coaches. But the whole eco-system has changed since March 2020.

In the life coaching niche, I am not aware of any school that delivers what we have here. We provide comprehensive training to become a professional life coach and how to build a wildly profitable six figure business and beyond, along with certification.

However, because of the pandemic - training and business has changed. I’ve had numerous conversations with my team and my coach, oh yes, I have a coach too, conversations about how we can continue to offer first class life coach certification, business building to six figures and more, along with inspiration to turn dreams in to reality and work around the various country socio-eco restrictions to design a lifestyle you know you deserve with a business that pays for the life you love. In other words, to experience a transformation that accommodates our new eco-socio world allowing those big, scary goals to be reached.

People outside of Coaching Leads To Success world do not realise what we have to offer and the super powerful entrepreneurship training available to you and other like minded souls. Outsiders do not see our world of positivity, opportunity, enthusiasm for goal achievement all carried out with grace, confidence and focus. Now it’s time to fix that.

In my previous newsletters I’ve talked about adopting a positive mental attitude to ensure you make an impact on your life and of those around you. I’ve given you tools and techniques that can draw you into the ethos of a life by design. Recently I expressed the power of goal setting and touched briefly on the correct way to set quality goals to ensure you get the results you want.

Getting it right is possible. Life can be so much easier. You can have the best in your world. So, to give you even more value in the upcoming course

Pepper Your Life with Dreams 101 - Design Your Dream Life In 28 Days

I’d appreciate if you’d give me some feedback, please. You can either hit ‘reply’ or write to; telling me what you need to turn your dreams into reality. Maybe I’ll write a course module just for you to ensure you reach your goals.

Go ahead let me know what you need to turn your dreams into reality

About - Coaching Leads To Success is your on-line portal packed with information and powerful tools on how to capture your dreams and totally live a lifestyle by design.

Living a lifestyle by design and building a business you love is possible - it's exactly what I do each day. No struggles only satisfaction and success that mean something special to me.

For as long as I can remember I've taught individuals the secrets to living life by design using PATs (Positive Attitude Training system), a proven formula which I developed when life was a struggle and I needed to turn dreams into reality.

When you open your mind and adopt forward moving habits you can have optimal health, enjoy wonderful and happy relationships, create wealth and impact others. Anything you desire is possible when you know how. PATs is the tool to live life by design.

My mission is to share the PATs formula and insider strategies with you on how you can create your own lifestyle by design. So, I encourage you to make use of your complimentary Secrets To A Life By Design newsletter - (value: annual subscription $195) by reading each new issue where I share tips, techniques, tools, and what resources are new.

Ready to plot and plan a lifestyle by design?

Welcome New Creative Solopreneurs

A BIG shout out to all our new readers, I know you'll just love each issue - a gift from me, and don't forget if you have a story to tell we'd love to share your journey to success.

**Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Vision Success Coach, Author and Publisher**


P.S. I'm so excited as my course 'The Dream Catcher Plan' is nearly finished. I'll keep you posted when enrolment opens.

*Pepper Your Life with Dreams* - the book will keep you on track and motivated as you travel your entrepreneurial journey. It's available on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.

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