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May 26, 2021

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Recently I was thinking about my childhood holidays spent by the seaside and the memory of the ‘fortune teller machine’ popped into my mind.

I remember how scary the genie looked and I wondered if the cards the mechanical puppet pushed out through a hole in the glass case really did tell the future of the person who had fed the machine with the required coins.

Have you ever thought about what your future holds for you and will destiny give you what you desire?


Yes, seriously how important are goals to you?

Do they motivate you to turn those ideas into something tangible and worthwhile?

I've actually found that it is the quality of the goals being set that keeps motivation levels high and milestones reached.


Goal setting has been something lots of personal development gurus’ advocate. I do too. So, I made it my personal task to find out why and how. I wanted to come away with knowing how to set exciting and life changing goals relevant to me with an approach that those set goals will result in success.

I mean, why should anyone struggle and live in a state of confusion, overwhelm, lack of money, ill-health and complicated relationships. Life is for living in joy, grace happiness and experience.

The answer revealed itself to me. To ensure achievement of a happy and fulfilled life all I had to do was to tap into the inner core belief system and feed it with positive forward moving ideas that I wanted to commit to and were emotionally attuned to the principles of goal setting.

I found that by doing those things the state of my conscious mind altered to deliberately move me toward becoming a confident person knowing how to choose quality goals and how to put a plan in place.

When you also put those things in place, you’ll steadfastly reach the level of success you desire.


So how do you set a goal action plan in place and move forward. Furthermore, how do you determine the best goals that spur you towards improved performance without conflicting thoughts that sabotage the expected positive desired outcome.

From that place of thinking you’ll actually go on to achieve your goals which give you energy and feed your mindset to go after those BIG BOLD goals.


In my previous email I talked about a task I use with clients wanting to catch their dreams. Simply writing a letter to your future self, five years from now telling how your life has changed, what you achieved and how you did it all. DID YOU DO THAT?

My guess is you did or at least you'll do it now.By taking that action you've ignited the correct goal setting process in motion.

Go ahead and read your letter out loud. What are you hearing? Are you capturing the true essence of your goals and the actions you took to get there.

Examine the letter very carefully digest the words you've written. Get clear on what you mean. Now re-write the letter to yourself sharing your lifestyle five years into the future. Be clear, be concise and take the opportunity to create a transformation you desire and fully experience the journey from point to point.

Enjoy the process as you predict your future

About - Coaching Leads To Success is your on-line portal packed with information and powerful tools on how to capture your dreams and totally live a lifestyle by design.

Living a lifestyle by design and building a business you love is possible - it's exactly what I do each day. No struggles only satisfaction and success that mean something special to me.

For as long as I can remember I've taught individuals the secrets to living life by design using PATs (Positive Attitude Training system), a proven formula which I developed when life was a struggle and I needed to turn dreams into reality.

When you open your mind and adopt forward moving habits you can have optimal health, enjoy wonderful and happy relationships, create wealth and impact others. Anything you desire is possible when you know how. PATs is the tool to live life by design.

My mission is to share the PATs formula and insider strategies with you on how you can create your own lifestyle by design. So, I encourage you to make use of your complimentary Secrets To A Life By Design newsletter - (value: annual subscription $195) by reading each new issue where I share tips, techniques, tools, and what resources are new.

Ready to plot and plan a lifestyle by design?

Welcome New Creative Solopreneurs

A BIG shout out to all our new readers, I know you'll just love each issue - a gift from me, and don't forget if you have a story to tell we'd love to share your journey to success.

**Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Vision Success Coach, Author and Publisher**


P.S. I'm so excited as my course 'The Dream Catcher Plan' is nearly finished. I'll keep you posted when enrolment opens.

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