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May 17, 2021

from PaTrisha-Anne’s laptop

Happy Mother's Day

Last week the US and associated countries celebrated Mother’s Day. So, a belated Mother’s Day wish to all you lovely mum’s reading today’s message. Here in the UK, we celebrate Mothering Sunday in March. Lucky me I get to celebrate twice each year.

On another lucky point, Friday was an especially productive day for me, I spent the day with my coach. Oh yes I have a coach to keep me on track. We drilled down into building out my upcoming course to create a lifestyle by design and not settling for the ordinary instead going for the extraordinary. I teach how to use the PATs (my signature system for personal success) which allows the user to be in control of their life, truly living life on their terms, a life by design.

So back to what I wanted to share. Apart from making a business building habit to work with my coach a minimum of once per quarter I realised that the meeting was scheduled for a Friday which reminded me of... That Friday is known to many as the last day of the working week before the ‘weekend’ the origins of which came from the north of industrial England in the nineteenth century. It wasn’t until around 1927 when Henry Ford introduced the 5-day working week, Monday - Friday for his factory employees in the US.

Another interesting storyline is that of ‘man Friday’ a character created by Daniel Defoe in his 1719 novel Robinson Crusoe is very relevant to entrepreneurs. Over three hundred years later personal assistants are referred to as ‘man or girl Friday’. A trusted employee you depend upon to take care of certain tasks. Today many of us have a team of virtual assistants, all 'Fridays' in one sense or another.

I mention this, because the day spent with my coach happened to be Friday and after all coaching is all about taking trust and taking care to achieve something.

Looking Forward

At least once a week I’m asked, is it too late to set my goals for the rest of the year and how can I have them turn up in my life?

I always share the same answer.

“If you want to grow fast and sure then you need to have a clear vision of your goals, to understand why you want those goals and be willing to take action to achieve them.”

Feeling unsure and stuck about your goals is something that you can change. You don’t need to feel disappointed that the middle of 2021 is around the corner and your goals are not happening?

To help you feel and understand at a forward moving level I’d encourage you to answer the following two questions with a simple YES or NO. Now, don’t think about your answers just go ahead and respond in 10 seconds. It’s important you do this in order to ‘see’ how you can move forward.

• Do you want to grow fast? • Do you want to feel sure about your future?

Whatever you answered your answer was correct.

Your answer came from your inner core belief system a critical part of your thinking.

Your Future Is In Your Vision

Not seeing your goal clearly can cause confusion and stifle those dreams you hold within your heart and the best way to design your life including the other important parts like your career, your health, your relationships, your lifestyle - each can be confusing to ‘see’ on our own.

You can live according to your dreams. It’s a fact, I live life by design every day.

What if there was a system, to live life by design? Would that be useful? You are made for more, meant for more, and I know how to turn dreams into reality. I feel confident that you already know that life is about being the change in your own life to truly live life by design and make things happen.

You can begin right now. Today I ask you to get a notebook and write a letter to your future self. Yes, a letter addressed to your future self, five years from now, in which you talk about how your life is in your future. Now, it’s important that you write freely with a pen, no keyboard allowed! Enjoy and go write your life.

Remember this letter is for you, its private. That’s an important point to know. Look out for my next email landing in your inbox in a few days and in it I’ll have another easy forward moving step to move you towards a lifestyle by design.

About - Coaching Leads To Success is your on-line portal packed with information and powerful tools on how to turn your hobby or idea into a life changing business and totally live a lifestyle by design.

Living a lifestyle by design and building a business you love is possible - it's exactly what I do each day.

For as long as I can remember I've taught individuals the secrets to living life by design using PATs (Positive Attitude Training system), a proven formula which I developed to turn dreams into a reality.

When you open your mind and adopt forward moving habits you can have optimal health, enjoy wonderful and happy relationships, create wealth and impact others. Anything you desire is possible when you know how. PATs is the tool to live life by design.

My mission is to share the PATs formula and insider strategies with you on how you can create your own lifestyle by design. So, I encourage you to make use of your complimentary Secrets To A Life By Design newsletter - (value: annual subscription £195) by reading each new issue where I share tips, techniques, tools, and what resources are new.

Are you ready to plot and plan a lifestyle by design and build a business you love.

Welcome New Creative Solopreneurs

A BIG shout out to all our new readers, I know you'll just love each issue - a gift from me, and don't forget if you have a story to tell we'd love to share your journey to success.

**Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd, Vision Success Coach, Author and Publisher**


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