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Pepper Your Life With Dreams
August 11, 2021

Pepper Your Life With Dreams

At the turn of this century, YES, way back in 2000, I published my book ‘Pepper Your Life with Dreams’, and something special happened…

Over the years clients have shared with me their stories of how those simple, yet profound quotes have touched them to #BeDoHave more, and that by simply reading my book and mulling over the words they have been inspired to act, to take control of their destiny and become so much more, how wonderful is that!

By the way the book didn’t hit the #1 best seller position on the Amazon charts, however, since then I’m excited to share I have achieved Amazon #1 best seller and book writing awards too. So, you see, I too have a story to tell - Pepper Your Life with Dreams’.

Just for a little bit of fun click the link and watch the clip I recorded for you:

and remember ‘Coaching Leads To Success’

Yours in Coaching
PaTrisha-Anne Todd
Coach, Author, Course Creator


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