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Live Life By Design
August 05, 2021

Living Life By Design

There are many reasons why living life by design is something a lot of people do. Okay, so not everyone lives the dream life, but many people do, and you are no exception to living life on your terms.

In today’s newsletter I want to share some of the reasons why it’s possible and how you can get started to live life by design.

Once you make the decision to dream you can begin the process of manifesting abundance in your life.

Unlimited Abundance

There is so much more to living the dream. For one thing it’s a personal expression of what you want to have happen in your life and the level of abundance you expect. Also, it clarifies your thinking and helps you find not only your purpose in life but how to achieve your Big Bold Dreams.

Dreaming, or to be precise daydreaming is a solitary affair and a self styled tool that helps you clarify and focus on exactly what matters to you and what you want in this moment and beyond. It’s a motivating and productive positive use of your time.

Becoming a Master of Your Destiny

It’s not hard or complicated to take control of the reins of your life, to steer your own ship and master your destiny. The cool thing is when you choose to decide to do this the bonus of abundance will come flooding into your life.

You have dreams. You know you are worth more and deserve more. Imagine this, your life designed by you, living in harmony with your core belief system, following your purpose and sharing your positive thoughts with the world.

This Week's Theme Exercise

‘Set Yourself Free… by choosing freedom.’

To ensure you find your route to a dream lifestyle along with a business that you love try this out over the next seven days. You’ll find it doable, re-generative, forward moving and fun.

Each morning as soon as you wake, even before you get out of bed. Take a few minutes to focus on your daily routine and day ahead. Then think about the following quote: ‘Set Yourself Free… by choosing freedom.’ Quote 60 from Pepper Your Life with Dreams

Over the next seven days think about the structure of your life, of how your life is right now. Think about the people who are in your world, the work that you do, what you spend your income on. Think too on what you do in your free time (notice the word ‘free’). Also think about your core belief system, your inner core of what you believe. All these facets of your thinking make up the whole of your experiences in life.

Take a moment to write in your journal or within your copy of ‘Pepper Your Life with Dreams’

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what freedom means to you. Think BIG. Take that leap of faith towards living life on your terms. I dare you to dream.

I’d love to know how you imagine living your life by design. Send me an email at: I will personally read your email.

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PaTrisha-Anne Todd
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