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CONFIDENCE – that elusive mental state that breeds success.
August 08, 2021

CONFIDENCE – that elusive mental state that breeds success.

Being confident stems from deep within. It’s that feeling that you can do a certain behaviour, achieve a particular goal, and build even more confidence to fulfil your ultimate dream – you know what I mean that marvelous feeling of living the #dreamlife.


A game that you can win when you feed your core belief system with positive forward moving actions instead of feeling fear and dipping into the mindset of self-sabotage.

To achieve any positive outcome those forward moving actions are vital as they provide the energy to keep moving forward towards your goal.

Another interesting consequence of adopting the mindset of ‘confidence’ is that overwhelm is avoided. This is simply because to have confidence you’ve developed the best forward moving action plan. A plan to follow, action-by-action that allows you to disregard the naysayers and put yourself forward, out there by turning your dreams into reality.


With confidence you’ll have clarity of your vision and know where you want to go, why you want to be there and as a bonus you’ll know how to achieve your heart’s desire.

Confidence will give you the impetus to move forward and blast procrastination out of the water.

Quote 224

"Yes You Can…build confidence from within."

Pepper Your Life with Dreams

and remember ‘Coaching Leads To Success’

Yours in Coaching
PaTrisha-Anne Todd
Coach, Author, Course Creator


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