Become A Professional  Life Coach

"I will train you to become a professional LIFE COACH"

The Professional Life Coach training is unique and powerful. It's designed for ambitious, motivated souls like you, giving you the tools and frameworks to create limitless income earning potential. NEXT class begins June 2022.


With this training learn to crush your limiting beliefs, and flow gracefully and easily into alignment of living your life by design and owning and working a profitable business giving you abundance, joy and freedom.

A signed copy of the book Six Step Coaching Model

  • Use the 6SCM - Six Step Coaching Model for instant positive forward moving results and transformation without stress or overwhelm.
  • Gain clairty of vision and know your next step.
  • Download work sheets to compound the professional life coaching process.
  • Download client coaching templates and scripts to keep you focused and on track as you coach.
  •  Access to the MAP - Money Attraction Plan, because being in business is all about getting a stream of endless clients and earning money.


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  • I'll train you to become a professional Life Coach using my Six Step Coaching Model a proven results focused coaching tool which you can use to help others live their version of a life by design.
  • The possibilities are endless and waiting for you to create the lifestyle you deserve and desire.
  • You'll learn to feed your mind with positive forward moving ideas and take consistent daily action towards creating the life of your dreams while turning your knowledge and experience into helping others find clarity and their purpose. 

16 Week Training begins June 2022

  • The CLTS Profesional Life Coach certification training is a unique learning opportunity to define how you want to live your life as you  build a solid business.
  •  With your certification you can work from home anywhere in the world in your very own dream business. Positive change will automatically happen for you as you guide and coach others to tap into their core belief system who are hungry to create a lifestyle by design.
  • Learn how to coach as a Professional Life Coach and turn your passion into a thriving business!
  • £2750 full pay
  • or;
  • Deposit £995 PLUS x2 payments of £995 each 

 June 2022 class

Apply what you learn and help others using your unique talents. Become a Professional Life Coach serving wonderful clients from around the world who enjoy working with you as you create a special, unique, successful and limitless coaching business.

Attract a prosperity consciousness and the ability to manifest your dreams into reality making a difference in the world using the PATs growth tool the foundation for personal success. Learn how to create success with confidence as you increase your personal development skills and build a lifestyle by design. 

Discover HOW to coach and build a profitable coaching business

Learn to Coach as a Professional

  • The course teaches you to coach as a professional without taking on client baggage - no stress, no worries.
  • Learn how to start and build a thriving business 
  • Understand how to attract an endless stream of clients
  • Discover what you need to do step-by-step to maximise your time to earn what you desire and become the person you want to be with confidence, energy, and the clarity to build an amazing lifestyle for yourself as well as show clients how they can begin to live life by design.

The training is delivered online via email, video trainings, Q & A sessions, downloadable course materials including the SSCM to coach professionally and the PATs growth tool to guide you towards 'living the dream', plus the coaching templates you need to run your business successfully with grace and ease. 

PLUS when you join the Professional Life Coach training we give you access to our Money Attraction Plan [MAP], because we know owning a business is all about earning money.

The training will give you confidence to become the person you know you deserve to be earning the money you need to live life by design while helping others.

You can achieve all that you want in life when you have a system to help you manifest what you want and take control of your destiny and PaTrisha-Anne will show you how to become a Professional Life Coach.

     Professional Life Coach Certification programme to create the lifestyle you know you deserve as you live life by design.

June 2022 class


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The Kick-off Call Thursday June 9 

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