The Cosmic-Soul-Coach-Certification is the only on-line training which improves your lifestyle instantly enabling you to  help others as you build a profitable business working for yourself as you - Live Life by Design.

The Cosmic-Soul-Coach-Certification Programme is a unique learning opportunity to define how you want to live your life and guide you to builidng a solid buisness.

With your certificaton you can work from home and let positive change happen in your life.  The possibilities are endless and are waiting for you to create the lifestyle you deserve and desire.


 Registration opens in January 2021

You'll learn how to coach as a professional Cosmic Soul Coach...and how you'd like to run your business. 

Apply what you discover and realise a free and holistic way of life with a Cosmic Soul Coach Business filled with wonderful clients from around the world that enjoy working with you as you create a special, unique and limitless coaching business.

Attract a prosperity consciousness and the ability to make your dreams come true as you make a difference in this world. You know you can create success, have confidence, increase your personal developemnt skills and build a lifestyle by design.

discover how to coach and build a profitable coaching business

Over 90 days you'll learn how to coach as a professional without taking on stress from client baggage and worrying about how to attract new clients.

The course teaches you how to attract an endless stream of clients, what you need to do step-by-step to maximise your time to earn what you desire and become the person you want to be with confidence, energy, and the clarity to build an amazing lifestyle for yourself as well as show clients how they too can live life by design.

We give you all the templates you need to run your buisness successfully without worry.

Plus when you join the Cosmic Soul Coach training you'll have access to our Money Attraction Programme [MAP].

The training will give you confidence to become the person you want to be and to live life by design. You can achieve all that you want in your life when you have a system to help you manifest what you want and take control of your destiny.

Cosmic Soul Coach Certification programme to create the lifestyle you know you deserve as you live life by design.

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