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Coaching Leads To Success, Issue 4-4 November 2013
November 24, 2013

A Personal Message from PaTrisha-Anne the ezine for Coaches In Business and AuthorPreneurs bringing you the best tips, techniques, offers and tools to truly have a Business and Life by Design!

Welcome to this issue of Coaching Leads To Success!

Are you ready for the Christmas festivities ahead? I certainly hope so as there’s lots to be done in preparation for the holidays and plans to be made for the New Year ahead.

I know that as a coach, writer or small business owner you have every intention to succeed, but sometimes life gets in the way no matter what you do to be organised and your goal to move ahead and create that success you dream about remains out of reach. Why is that?

The reason why so many people who start off with good intentions fail is a lack of PMA, positive mental attitude. Those of you who are familiar with my work know I’m right, you know that success requires positive thoughts and dedicated action to turn dreams into reality. In fact I'll share this well known success fact that every achievement has to happen twice. Yes, twice! First you have a thought that crosses your mind and then you take the necessary actions to turn the idea into reality. So to help you get organised for the next stage of your business I’m giving you three ‘Success Keys’ from my new book ‘The Secret Key To Success’ to help you attain better results and most importantly feel happier and positive towards a future filled with success.

Secret Key # 1: STOP Living In Regret

Success is a state of mind with tangible results. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression; “success leaves clues”. Well it does and in order for you to achieve any degree of success you need to stay totally focused on your goal of the moment. It’s very important that you eliminate all distractions that stop you from the task in hand. You’d only be wasting your time with thoughts of ‘what if...’, or self-sabotaging thoughts of ‘can I really do this?’ So get off the train that is fuelled with thoughts of regret and start getting into action that takes you to a positive and happy destination.

Secret Key # 2: Choose To Take Action Every Day

So now that you’ve chosen to act upon Secret Key # 1 this is the ideal time to keep on keeping on. Waiting for the best time to begin or starting after a certain situation has passed will not get you to goal. Instead choose to take action every day towards your desired outcome and away from the situation you find yourself in today. Don’t concern yourself with the mindset of ‘failure’. Instead move into motion immediately and keep the momentum switch turned to consistent action, this way you’ll gain goal credits and be able to make adjustments as you review your progress.

Secret Key # 3:

Keep The Goals Coming

Remember when as a child you’d daydream? Well it’s vital that you keep the daydreaming process happening. I suggest you follow the example from the 1958 film South Pacific ‘Happy Talk’ – You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true? By continuing to stretch your core belief system your abundance level will increase as your comfort zone expands. So if you fancy having more success in all that you do, personal freedom, better health, wonderful relationships and financial abundance than allow yourself to get started and switch on the daydreaming process.

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Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd, AuthorPreneur and Coaches In Business Mentor

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