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Life & Business by Design, Issue July #1 -- Success Principles
July 22, 2012

Success Principles for July 2012 brings you the best tips, techniques and tools to truly have a Business and Life by Design

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What's Happening In Your World This July?

You know whatever you've got planned for the remaining days of July one thing is very sure, that's the London 2012 Olympics. Are you aware that this is actually the time when many coaches and mentors see the fruits of their mindset support turn into positive and productive results.

Principles Of Success

Success means different things to different people.

To me and I hope its the same for many of you as well, that it's all about getting clear on the vision and making a plan of action to turn those dreams into reality. I believe;

  • being able to see what I want
  • taking the time to write out my plan
  • making a promise to myself to take productive action every day towards realising my goals
  • monitoring and measuring my outcomes as part of success
  • enjoying the journey to my success

  • Three Tips To Guarantee Your Success

    1 Focus totally on what you want to achieve - prepare everything you need to ensure your own success

    2 Focus again on getting the tasks done on time - use everyday to work on your business, to guarantee you stay IN business

    3 FOCUS - Follow One Course Until Successful - all successful entrepreneurs are business owners who focus on the BIGGER goal, and you can too.

    Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd 'The Lady Entrepreneur'

    Are you ready to set goals and get strategies in place?

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