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Life & Business by Design, Issue August #2 -- Step Into Your Success
August 13, 2012

Step Into Your Success brings you the best tips, techniques, offers and tools to truly have a Business and Life by Design...

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Enjoying Time With Loved Ones and People Whom You Care About

The time has just flown by, these past few weeks have been a real world wind with jubilee celebrations, the Olympic games in the UK, business growth, my filming session in sunny California and family time. A key reason why I was able to pack so much into the last 90 days is because I organised my business and personal diaries, and my regime for health and wealth optimisation. You know it pays to be professional about every aspect of your life when on the path to a Business and Lifestyle by Design.

So many people fall into the trap of attempting to get everything done at the last moment with a mindset of limitation, and I’m referring to those doubting phrases of; ‘I haven’t got much time’, ‘I really can’t afford this’ or, ‘why did this have to happen now?’, forgetting about following a mentor who has done it all before and knows how to schedule in marketing, income producing activities, extreme self care, family moments, personal relaxation and ‘extra’ time for the unexpected.

You can in a short period of time get yourself organised

If you haven’t done so yet, take the time now to gather your thoughts together in a logical order and begin immediately to block out time in your schedule that compliments owning a business and lifestyle by design.

new book: You CAN Make It On Your TODD

If you are wandering what your next steps are to building a thriving business and enjoy the rewards of life by design then its time to pre-order a copy of my new book ‘You CAN Make It On Your TODD’ the fast track formula to a Business and Life by Design – in my latest book I give you the step-by-step structure, a blueprint of my signature system that I’ve worked with and developed over the many years I’ve been an entrepreneur. This is a personal account of my journey through adversity, sickness, sadness, misfortune and finally success. It’s very personal and precious.

For years I’ve had my ups and downs, experiencing outcomes that weren’t for my highest good and now today I’m ready for the next chapter of my life and to share with you a system that can work for you if you are ready to step up, to step out of your comfort zone, that you are willing to learn what you don’t know and re-learn some of the stuff you do know and able to make a decision. Pre-order you copy today and save money...

This week's Life Coaching A-Z, working with the letter P.

Have you analysed your business against the 7 P’s?

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Packaging
  • Positioning
  • People

    Yours In Coaching, PaTrisha-Anne Todd 'The Lady Entrepreneur'

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